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An open letter to VP Kembo Mohadi - 'Genocide Was Nation Building'

01 Apr 2019 at 08:59hrs | Views
The late hero and favourite ZAPU's Makokoba member of Parliament, Honorable, Sydney Donald Malunga once observed that once one drank from the ZANUpf cup, one will never be normal. Today his words have been fulfilled. Sydney Malunga said these words at Stately Square in Bulawayo, in the presence of Kembo Mohadi, at that time the only member of Parliament in Matabeleland South who remained with us in ZAPU when the rest ran away or crossed the floor to join the butchering ZANU of party at that time. It was 1985 when ZAPU introduced the sweeping hawk as it's election symbol. It is him Kembo Mohadi who told us that the hawk is Nyamudzura in Venda.

Today the same man claims that our people's butchering was nation-building.

Mr Mohadi, one does not rape in order to be loved; one does not starve in order to be appreciated; one does not maim in order to be feared. No amount of underdevelopment, reduction of status to that of third-class citizens, no marginalization and continual hatred can turn a subjugated nation to submission. It will be unfair not to give you living examples of how the opposite of what   GENOCIDE does for future generations. In the Nazi GENOCIDE against Jews, the subsequent generations do not tolerate each other. Palestinians and Jews will never share a glass of water and the Koreans do not tolerate each other. In the binary, Zimbabwe Shonas hate Mthwakazi with passion and the same goes for Chinese and Japanese.

Joshua Nkomo told ZANU pf that no nation is built on slogans "Pasi Na ningi" down with so and so, Instead show remorse when you are wrong and apologies where need be.

What Mohadi and ZANU pf are doing in Cowdrypark is anti-ZANUpf. The ZANU pf we knew used to respect and honour locals by choosing one of their own to represent an area. Does it mean that there is no Mthwakazi national in that area who belong to ZANU pf they could have used? Lokho yikudelela okuphinduweyo.

In addition to the insult, the disgusting Vice President says it's nation-building.

Mohadi can not fool all. We know that he is working against his conscious because of his past dealings with his party. He is being used as an experimental guinea pig. When ZANU pf is testing their grenade strategic move they use him when they complete their Shonalization program they use him, when they justify their occupation of all jobs at Beitbridge border post they use him, when they take over land in Beitbridge they use him. Kanti unjani uMohadi? It remains to be seen from the so-called by-election if Cowdrypark residents are real Mthwakazi and if by any chance Kidwell Mujuru or any other Shona candidate wins, we will take it upon ourselves to ensure that Cowdray Park is cleaned.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!!!!

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