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Mnangagwa must act on economic decay

20 Apr 2019 at 17:03hrs | Views

Recently, I went to a supermarket to do my groceries for the month, I was shocked to realise that a 2kg mixed portion chicken is now ranging between $15 to $18, a 2-litre concentrate juice from as much as $8 while a 2kg packet of rice is ranging between $8 and $10 and at this rate we can not even talk about sugar, cooking oil because at most they are the worst-priced in most supermarkets.

The health sector has not been spared by the price madness yet if this sector is not paid enough attention to, the results could be disastrous for the nation at large.

Not to be an alarmist but people will die in their numbers. Specialist doctors are now charging in US dollars and these include gynaecologists which basically means if pregnant women cannot afford them the mortality rate in the country will rise.

And why am I even talking about the affordability of US dollars when the majority of Zimbabweans are getting paid through RTGS$ with the government while the government has since acknowledged that bond notes are not equal to the greenback and the salaries of the majority of workers not reflecting the situation on the ground.

And Mr President do you see the queues at filling stations or you are blinded by the good life you are living?
My question to you is when are you going to stand up for the masses?

When are you going to say something with regards to all that is happening so that the people of Zimbabwe can at least see that you exist?

Right now I am even asking myself why I voted for you and if I should even call you my president because frankly speaking at this point you don't deserve the title.

With all this in mind I have come to a conclusion that former president Robert Mugabe was the man.

Mugabe would intervene so that the majority don't suffer and you Mr President have you become voiceless?
Are you not supposed to be the voice of the voiceless as well as the voice of reason?

Schools have not been spared too.

In most boarding schools parents had to fork out school fees ranging from $1 500 to $3 500 with some charging US dollars yet salaries have not increased save for a few companies who are giving their employees hardship allowances.

If social media pictures are anything to go by I would say you read the papers and you are perfectly aware of what is going on in the country.

Which then makes me conclude that you simply don't care about the welfare of the majority of Zimbabweans.

Zimbabweans deserve better than this rubbish and hardships.

They deserve a caring leader who will stand up for them when everything is going downwards.

Source - Daily News
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