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Where are the human rights defenders when our children are being denied the right to education?

12 Feb 2022 at 08:35hrs | Views

We the Murowa community sympathise with teachers and all the civil servants per se'. Its an undeniable fact that civil servants and the majority of workers are earning peanuts. Its sad to hear that some of the teachers have been suspended but we doubt if the suspension will bring positive results i.e learning at schools. Our major worry is the appalling silence by the so called human rights defenders at a time when our children are being denied the right to education. All those NGOs who make a lot of noise regarding human rights are aloof! Maybe our children are not humans in the eyes of these so called human rights defenders. Food for thought.

The very same NGOs have quickly jumped in to file an urgent court application in defence of the suspended teachers. Who will do the same for our children who lose precious learning each time teachers go on strike? The action by these NGOs and teachers smells of toxic politics. These bad bed fellows are playing politics and our children are paying the heavy price. Teachers are parents first and surely they must empathise with the poor children. Their battlescwithbtheir employer must not "kill" our children. The government is also to blame and must be taken to task. Its unfortunate that most children of top government officials are not affected by these strikes as they enjoy the luxury of learning at prestigious private schools if not abroad. So basically it's the poor man's child who is suffering. Wake up Zimbabweans and stand up for our children. 

We are a small poor community but in our view the obtaining situation in Zimbabwe needs a total overhaul, change of mind set with painful actions to be undertaken. Those entrusted with power must ensure zero tolerance to corruption, zero tolerance to chikorokoza and the informal sector must be limited to certain defined goods and services. This will restore respect to professionalism. We can't have unregulated informal sector competing with formal companies, unregulated artisinal miners syphoning our precious minerals outside the country and corruption being the order of the day.

No comrades we are too rich a country to be this poor. Our children deserves the best education, our civil servants deserve decent salaries and us the povo deserve equal opportunities. We all need a fair share of the cake....STOP this greedy. Leaders in whatever capacity must put God first.

Concerned Murowa Ward Community

Source - Concerned Murowa Ward Community
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