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Calls for GNU 2 intensify from the Welshman Ncube camp

18 Feb 2014 at 13:21hrs | Views
Author: Shephard Dube is the Deputy Secretary for Political Education in the MDC Youth Assembly Bulawayo Province and writes in his personal capacity.
A letter to Patriotic Zimbabweans

Part 1

I am Shephard Dube, a prince of restoration, order, progress and prosperity. I write to you from my pilgrim to the sacred land of the uncreated creator of the universe, where I am seeking answers to questions facing the great nation of Zimbabwe. I might not be part of the Zimbabwean political elite, however, I am an elect according to the foreknowledge of the Zimbabwean constitution, sanctified by the spirit of patriotism. I hereby present my self to you in the highest form of humility, obedience and love. Remembering the blood shed during the liberation struggle, may grace and peace be multiplied in your hearts.

Cursed be the people who are swimming in abundance of corruption and mismanagement of the great nation of Zimbabwe. And blessed be the few who dare to stand against this Herod-like kind of governance. Lest I forget, mercy be to those who go by the night in a Nicodimous style to foreign nations to pose as the future of Zimbabwe and by the day go to suffering multitudes to pose as saviors.

I write to you great Zimbabweans in a bid to revive Zimbabwe and not only to restore it back to its former glories but to a great model modern nation. Maybe before I get into detail I should clarify that I do not come to you with enticing words of politicians but with pragmatic solutions and formulas inspired by the spirit of patriotism.

Having mentioned the word 'Patriotism' repeatedly, am sure that someone might begin to see some linkage with ZANU PF, fortunately or unfortunately I am not ZANU PF, I have never been and I will never be. And verily verily I say unto you that I am not in anyway a member or sympathizer or associate or fan of the Tsvangirai led MDC. Nonetheless, I do belong to a political party and I proudly and boldly stand in the shoulders of my party president, Professor Welshman Ncube. As partisan as I am, great Zimbabweans, in this article I will try my best to de-associate myself from my party's point view on the solutions for Zimbabwe's problems. Great Zimbabweans, when someone thinks of Zimbabwean problems, the first problem that comes into mind is the Robert Mugabe led government.

This is due to the cluelessness that ZANU PF has demonstrated in the past seven months it has been in power. However, my fellow country men, you must first be reminded how you treated Professor Ncube and Morgan Tsvangirai when they came to you, presenting themselves as potential better presidents and you rejected them like the Prophets of God in the days of old in Israel. You are receiving the goal of your choice and you ought to swallow the bitter pill of your actions! Having learnt the hard way, its time as Zimbabweans we united to come up with something better. We are in desperate need of something that can take this country twenty steps forward because in barely a year ZANU PF has taken this country six years back. This solution will likely be acceptable to many Zimbabweans, excerpt ZANU PF elite that are living luxurious million dollar lavish life styles. It is my humble suggestion that ZANU PF accepts or is made to accept that it is incapable of running this country on their on. As a result it should invite the MDCs, ZAPU and Mavombo Kusile Dawn into an extra ordinary unity government. If such a government is not formed, due to starvation majority of Zimbabweans will not live to see the prospectively great and glorious post Robert Mugabe era.

This is not about ZANU PF but our national pride and sovereignty. Everywhere we go people are talking about poverty in our country and our arrogant president. We have grown to be popular and excellent in poverty and arrogance. On the parallel hand, Chinamasa is busy writing populists budgets that are backed by nothing, yet we go around masquerading to be sovereign. Sovereignty is not the ability to occupy the government seat without external influence, but the capacity to efficiently self govern. And as it stands ZANU PF is failing dismally. If allowed to continue, they will take this country to the worst economic status of all times in the history of mankind. This day my fellow country men I want you to know that if we unity and be in one accord we can change the status quo for better. Once we have our minds ready for action and we are thinking clearly, we should place our hope completely on the power that liberated this country and yes! we can liberate ourselves one more time by ensuring the formation of an extra-ordinary unity government.

ZANU PF should be reminded of the gallant sons of the soil who perished during the liberation struggle. And that all human life on the earth is like grass, and all human glory is like a flower in a field. The grass dries up and its flower falls off but the spirit of patriotism endures forever. My beloved Zimbabwean brothers and sisters, stay tuned for the second part of this article, where I will unpack my proposed structure and composition of the extra-ordinary unity government. In the meantime, knowing beforehand that ZANU PF will fail us again, please be thinking about your own contribution towards a better Zimbabwe. However in the grace and knowledge of the fact that it is possible to have a 2nd GNU, ground and embroil yourself in the spirit of patriotism. Forward Ever! Backward Never !!!

Shephard Dube is the Deputy Secretary for Political Education in the MDC Youth Assembly Bulawayo Province and writes in his personal capacity.

Source - Shephard Dube
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