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We want nothing but the truth

02 Jan 2019 at 19:13hrs | Views
Honestly speaking, journalism in Zimbabwe has 'gone to the dogs', call it gutter journalism. Lies and imaginations are repackaged as the gospel truth until lies have a body and a shadow. Some of our scribes are terrible liers, very pathetic.

If its 'singing for their supper' then the louder the noise the more the misinformation. Everyday we are treated to a new dose of lies with the latest much stronger than the earlier. All professional ethics and tenets have been thrown to the wind.

You hear them say the Hon. Vice President is very ill, actually on his 'death bed' only to see the said man the next day appearing stronger than the 'mis-informer journalist'.

Some private print media houses have screaming headlines of imminent power takeover by the opposition leadership only to find out later that it was the usual rumour mill in overdrive.

I do not believe our tertiary institutions are churning out half-baked junors, its politics, stupid. A professional journalist must not always 'hunter gather' to please his master, people want the truth. Spread the truth not lies. Why stoop so low for a few pieces of silver?

Some are devilishly paid by evil 'later day prophets' to spread lies on stage managed miracle healings in order to attract more useable and gullible followers. Shame on you false journalists, we want nothing but the truth. Zimbabwe is not open for lies but business.

Thomas Murisa. Chinehasha.

Source - Thomas Murisa.
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