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Mthuli Ncube not different from the greedy MPs

22 Jul 2019 at 19:55hrs | Views
If the unverified media reports on Finance Minister, Ncube's perks are true then why should we be surprised he is defending the MPs demands for vehicles.

Scarce foreign currency will be made available to appease the greedy MPs yet demanding issues that need urgency are ignored. This is our Zimbabwe, were you wonder what our leaders are smoking. The cars will be pricey,  there is no justification whatsoever in buying them new cars when the nation is on an autocruise just waiting to explode.

The adage,  'See no evil, hear no evil' better describes our Finance Minister. This is what the gravy train does when one embarks on it, plucked from the wilderness of politics. All conscience, if there was any,dissipates as greedy manifests itself to a point of being blind to the obvious surroundings.

The Members of Parliament demand for cars is no surprise at all, it was and will never about the Constituencies they purport to serve. This explains why MDC members   shout and scream that they need electoral reforms but go on to participate in those elections without any reforms just shows they are after the perks that come with being a member of the august house.

Mthuli Ncube goes on to say MPs are hiking to get to their Constituencies. This is utter nonsense, give us one MP who has done that.

The MPs are not elected by the people to get rich but to serve diligently their people. It is akin to a social responsibility were they are meant to uplift their Constituencies through various projects. Yes,there are some who have done a lot and l cannot take that away.

Gweru Urban had a Member of Parliament years back and it is on record that in his ten years he never said anything in Parliament. A person of this calibre will say l want to visit the people yet he goes to the Parliament to sleep and is rewarded with a brand new four wheel drive!

After all after being elected how many MPs revisit their Constituencies?They will come before another election with loads of opaque beer and a list of empty promises. Once elected they go into hibernation again.

Muthuli Ncube's defence of the MPs is hardly surprising. He is staying at the Meikles hotel with his family still in Switzerland who will be taken care by the broke government when they visit.

MPs must feel what ordinary people are going through everyday.They want to enjoy in a pool of poverty, hospitals have no drugs, strike threats are the order of each new school term, no electricity for 18 hours a day and so on.

The government should order them motorcycles from their erstwhile Chinese friends after all some roads are no longer passable with vehicles.

Source - AT Kadada
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