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Zimbabwe is not Mthwakazi and Mthwakazi is not Zimbabwe

16 Aug 2019 at 06:32hrs | Views
When the situation is good Mthwakazi people are told in the face that they are enemies of the State,that they must go back to South Africa. When it is bad, then they are a much needed piece to solve the puzzle.

The sun has not set yet and the very same person who was calling a Mthwakazi person, a dissident, is now persuading that very same dissident to join him in removing the monster they created themselves.  Nelson is showing signs of being an advocate without qualifications. How can he forget something he shouted in broad day light while everyone listened. That Mthwakazi lady he manipulated into his bedroom is enough to join him in his demonstration.

What the advocate lacks to understand is that Zimbabwe is not Mthwakazi and Mthwakazi is not Zimbabwe. Again, I wonder why he lacks in understanding that, as an advocate. Nelson is a person in a better position to be understanding that the 1923 referendum by the Whites, was out of the consent of both Mthwakazi and Mashonaland people and thus it is null and void especially now that the Whites have since left. Or maybe because of his junior age, he is not even aware of what happened since 1963 and what those incidents can be interpreted into.

Advocate, MLF looses nothing in reminding you that, in 1963, the first Shona party (ZANU) was formed, after the Mugabes manipulated Enos Nkala, a Ndebele and promised him all heaven and earth. Little did he know that the Shona friends of his had hidden agenda to crush his own kith and kin and when he realised that, it was way too late to denounce and avoid.

Mthwakazi children were ambushed in 1975 by armed Shona men in Tanzania and lots of lives were lost. The soft hearted Joshua Nkomo brushed that away with the bigger picture of destroying the White man's rule in Rhodesia.

In 1979, Shonas set a private seating, seeing how much the Zipras were gaining ground back home. The meeting was not about complimenting them but to provide for a counter  a counter action against them when Zimbabwe was finally established. The Grand Plan was drafted and when the Whites finally surrendered, the Shonas started implementing their evil policy document, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Mthwakazi people, displacement, starvation, maiming, severe torturing, raping of more hundreds of thousands as well as the destruction of thousands of Mthwakazi property and livelihood.

The union of Mthwakazi and Shona people has never been genuine and of help to the Mthwakazi people. It has always been a manipulative one where at the end of each task achieved as a union, Shona people will sit on the high table feasting while Mthwakazi people will be bruised, licking their wounds in regret and hungry.

Until today, the Zipras are still struggling to retain their properties that were forcefully grabbed by the Advocate's clansmen. Not even him, the advocate has ever uttered a word to see the Zipras being given back what is rightfully theirs.

In an interview before his death with Studio 7, Mthwakazi's worst prodigal son, cursed his union with Shona people and pointed out who was accountable for worst ever case of human rights abuse to have ever happened on Mthwakazi ( Gukurahundi). As a friend a provider of the stepping stone that saw them (Shonas) rule Zimbabwe, Enos Nkala died a lonely death. None of his Shona friends and handlers paid him a visit in hospital while on his death bed.

In 2017, Mthwakazi people joined the demonstrations to remove Mugabe. What have they gained from that if is not detentions for testifying that the Shona president killed their parents, and not for them to be called dissents and a 'lazy bunch' by the very same Nelson who is  pleading for their  help to remove Mnangagwa.

It is high time the little educated advocate accept that Mthwakazi is not Zimbabwe and Mthwakazi cannot be their much needed piece to solve Zimbabwean puzzles.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!   

Mthwakazi Liberation Front stands for the complete restoration of Mthwakazi State that is totally independent from Zimbabwe.
Contact: +27 73 648 9454

Source - Mthwakazi Liberation Front
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