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'Heavy is the head that wears the crown' said W Ncube - meant 'Empty is MDC head aspiring to wear the crown!'

17 Aug 2019 at 18:00hrs | Views
"MDC Vice President Professor Welshman says the recent developments in the country have made him understand the being a leader of the opposition MDC is like a heavy crown," reported Bulawayo 24.

Writing on Twitter from Tanzania Prof Ncube said, "As I lay sleepless and pondered the events of yesterday including the political incarceration of Chief Ndiweni and as I rewatched President Chamisa's press conference flanked by Cdes Biti and Karenyi I finally understood the essence of: Heavy is the head that wears the crown."

Professor, we know that it is only the crown that you and your fellow MDC leaders care about. You do not give a damn about implementing the democratic reforms necessary for free, fair and credible elections that the nation has been dying for. Zimbabweans have risked life and limb to elect MDC leaders into power on the understanding the party will implement the reforms. What reform have you lot implemented in your 20 years in politics!

When you did get into power in the 2008 to 2013 GNU you lot failed to implement even one reform. "We sat, ate and did nothing for five years!" admitted Chamisa recently.

MDC is dragging the nation into these demos for the single purpose of getting Mnangagwa to appoint Chamisa, Biti, yourself and a few others ministers in a power sharing National Transition Authority (NTA). You know as well as I do (sadly the majority of Zimbabweans out there are naïve and gullible and know nothing) that the NTA will accomplish nothing of substance. It is just a chance for the MDC leaders to get back on the gravy train to "sit, eat and do nothing!"

Zanu-PF rigged last year's elections, the regime is illegitimate and should be forced to step down and an interim administration appointed to finally implement the reforms MDC leaders failed to implement during the last GNU.

MDC leaders have kept the illegitimate Zanu-PF regime in office by giving the regime some modicum of legitimacy by participating in the flawed and illegal elections. And now the party is offering to fully endorse Mnangagwa as legitimate if he agrees to share with MDC the spoils of the rigged elections.

History will record that Zimbabwe would have implemented the democratic reforms and ended the Zanu-PF dictatorship many, many moons ago if only MDC leaders had not turned out to be some of the most corrupt and incompetent politicians in human history. It beggars belief that these MDC village idiots are still Zimbabwe's main opposition party, still aspiring to rule the country.

As much as Zimbabweans are desperate to see the back of this Zanu-PF dictatorship they must wake-up to the reality that MDC leaders are not going to help the nation implement the reforms necessary to dismantle and end the Zanu-PF dictatorship. Indeed, the last ten years, ever since the 2008 GNU, MDC leaders have been running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.

Zimbabweans must now forsake the binary mentality of seeing the country ruled by either Zanu-PF or MDC; both the two parties have proven to be corrupt, incompetent and utterly useless. The proposed NTA is a waste of time and opportunity. We must now think outside the box, we cannot remove the corrupt, incompetent and tyrannical Zanu-PF regime from power only to replace it with the equally corrupt and incompetent MDC empty heads.

"Heavy is the head that wears the crown!" said Professor Ncube. What he meant was "Empty is the MDC head aspiring to wear the crown!"

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