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Daily Divinity Questions and Answers with Witness Dingani

20 Jan 2017 at 00:34hrs | Views

Assess how leaders in your society perpetuate Amos' quest for a fair
society ? (25)

 - The above question requires one to have deep knowledge about the actions of Amos in the 8th century period . It should not be ignored that Amos condemned the women of Samaria wh oppressed the poor, the rich were also condemned ,the lucrative trade was also condemned by the prophet Amos.In Zimbabwean context, different leaders from different sectors have or perpetuate Amos's quest for a fair society. The leaders include ,the religions leaders and political leaders .Religiously this include;
           a)Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa
           b) Prophet Walter Magaya
           c) Pastor Evan Mawarire
N.B Political leaders can also be included.
The above question was submitted to the author by Herantals College Students in Chitungwiza under the teacher Mr T Shekede .

 - It is a belief among scholars that Amos prophesied when there was economic boom, this has been supported by Professor Roy who submitted that Amos prophesied during the prosperous days of Israel. Amos condemned the oppression of the poor by the elite .Amos used an oracle to deliver the message of destruction towards the oppressors .This is evidenced in Amos 2:6 "Thus says the LORD: "For three transgressions of Israel, and for four, I will not revoke the punishment; because they sell the righteous for silver, and the needy for a pair of shoes".This has been supported by Thomas Constable in his Amos notes that "The first sin of Israel was that Israelites took advantage of "righteous" or the needy people for their own personal advantage" .In Zimbabwean context, it has been recorded by media that religious leaders condemned the elite on the oppression of the voiceless, one of the notable example is Samuel Mutendi who condemned the oppression of the blacks by the whites .This was further supported by NehemiahMutendi (the son) during the interviews with Nehanda Radio Newspaperin October 2015 ,were he emphasized that his father greatlycondemned the whites .All this indicates leaders in the society are continuing Amos's quest for a fair society.

 - Amos condemned the women of Samaria who oppressed the poor by demanding much from their husbands.Amos labeled the women of Samaria as the cows of Bashan, perhaps he was emphasizing the fatness of the women of Samaria.Scholars like Anderson, Jerome and Constable believed that "Bashan" was a luxuriant region were cows used to graze. It cannot be also ignored that the women of Samaria were oppressing the poor by ordering their husbands to bring drinks as they were lazy Constable page 27 paragraph 4 .The major point which should be noted is that Amos clamored for the fairness in the society .In Zimbabwean context,the following leaders have fought for justice in the society, one notable example is that of Magaya who advised Zimbabwe football Association (ZIFA) in 2014 ,to select division 1 and 2 players in thenational team for better performance .One will be forced to suggest that perhaps the prophet realized that selectors ignore the well talented players ,thus advocating for fairness in the society.Media in June and July 2016,recorded the Pastor Evan Mawarire protesting for change at the same time claiming that there is injustice in the nation.In 2011 March 1 ,ZBC broadcasted Makandiwa involved in anti-sanction campaign(Number of people are aware of the situation prior the campaign) . What can be noted is that the above named leaders campaigned for a fair society just like the prophet Amos.Hence, this will lead one to conclude that leaders in the society perpetuate Amos's quest for a fair society.

N.B :More information can be added .This include
            a) oppression of the quite in the land

 - In as much as it can be said that leaders in Zimbabwe continue the mission of Amos for advocating for a fair society ,it will be loss of memory if one ignore the view that they are not neccesarily continuing. Amos during the days of prosperous condemned the lucrative trade in the market gates of Israel, this is recorded in Amos 8:5 "When will the new moon be over, that we may sell grain? And the sabbath, that we may offer wheat for sale, that we may make the ephah small and the shekel great, and deal deceitfully with false balances".He went on to advocate for fairness in Amos 5:24.In Zimbabwea balances not recorded that one of the leaders has condemned the fairness either in the markets. Media records that there is lucrative trade which is prevailing in the nation ,at one point media recorded merchants who had tendency of bribing the policemen at the borders in order for them to pass with different goods ,this is unfair as later on the traders will sell the same products at higher price ,this simply means that they are unfair balances in the markets of Zimbabwe.[Peruse theZimbabwean Newspapers,you will be furnished with lot of information).All this indicates that ,Zimbabwean leaders they are not necessarily continuing the Amos's mission for a fair society.

N.B More points can be added


Witness Dingani is the Author~ Columnist~Youth Coach & Cricketer .He is the founder of charity organization "Dingani Charity Organization" .In 2016 has been voted as the most influential youthful figures in Zimbabwe and being voted on the 8th position out of 15 people by the Pan-Zimbabwe society.Questions by schools can be submitted through his mobile number +2363777896159 or Email address : .

Source - Witness Dingani
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