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Bulawayo24 Women's Column: Introducing our columnists

20 Oct 2011 at 14:41hrs | Views
IN life it is always nice to have people around you. Everyone wants to be loved and cherished, no matter how good or bad you might be feeling on that particular day. One thing that keeps women on top of their game is them knowing that they are loved, listened to and needed. With that, they have every reason to smile and care for others. While on that note, we are here today to say hello to all beautiful ladies around the globe. We would like to welcome you all to our first edition of the Women Column.

Before we start on anything, we would like to introduce ourselves and brief you on what to expect every Friday.... One is already wondering why the women column and why is it a must not miss column.

My Name is Antizah Sonia Khums known as Antizah, I just want to thank the Bulawayo24 for the privilege to choose me ukuba ngize ngizoba lani makhosikazi. And above all thank God for the life and His grace to keep us together, giving us such an opportunity. I am a woman who believes in God, walks with God, live with God and above all fears him. l believe in the word of God and my favourite verse is that one which says, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I don't know much on things but I try and understand people and things as they come before me and am hoping to learn more from other women . I believe that no one is better than the other. Am here to help where I can and it is my passion to help someone out there. Whenever I do something good, my heart fills with joy. Am a Proud African women, who still value her culture and I try to live by example and above all let the Christ in me show.

I will be writing the column with the assistance from my sister by the name of Nhlalwenhle Ncube. Ladies we are here to talk about issues affecting African women be it in Africa or in the Diaspora. We have some young women who have no aunties to advice them and that is where this column will be focusing. We shall be discussion those issues that we tend to discuss as women and those that the man in your life do not understand. Be it at home, in the market place or during shopping etc. Come let's empower each other, Inspiration, need, encouragement and a little bit of a push is needed too. Please be assured you will find it all here. We will try and tackle issues that have troubled our homes, families, friends, and society.

Ladies it all starts at home. It takes one person to believe something and that which is believed then becomes a norm. Everything we believe or we call culture someone made it a point that it started some where so as to influence the people close to her so it can be recognized in the neighbourhood and the neighbour took it embraced it to become a norm for the village etc. Ladies we are here so we can start influencing each other, but all to be done with LOVE and above all the fear of God. You want a better generation for tomorrow then make sure you have well balanced women within the community as they are the ones who influence the world. That influence start from child birth to when that young spring grows to become what ever he or she wants to be. You all know the saying that goes, "Charity begins at home" and how you conduct your home is going to be reflected within your kids and what kind of generation we will have tomorrow, is determined by the influence you had towards your child.

Ladies what am saying is that as women let us take our role and be proud. Gone are the days where there used to be clubs when women gathered and discussed hot issues. Things have changed and we now have to create those clubs through the internet and that is where Women Column comes in. Ladies we welcome you all and we hope we will have fun at the same time educating each other.
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