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Sports betting - is it gambling or predictable?

by Staff Reporter
17 Feb 2019 at 22:40hrs | Views
Sports betting views vary from player to player. Many also speak of gambling when it comes to tips_on football and the like. But if you take a closer look at this section, you can quickly see that information about a certain period of time significantly more winnings, than Tipper the simply wildly bet on it. Tippers who play without any background knowledge or information can be called gambling, while bettors with information do much better and thus make more winnings.

Of course we don't want to deny that a little bit of luck is part of it and that the team you've
bet on has to play the way the player imagines it. In contrast to slots or roulette, however, the chance of winning is significantly higher, as the course of the game is already determined before the first spin, especially with online slots. For prospective customers a view is worthwhile itself on In addition to a comparison of the individual bookmakers, information and news are also revealed here and thus Tipper always stay up to date and can quickly and easily get an overview of current bonuses.

Sport bets vs. on-line Slots - chances of winning with sport bets higher

The chances of winning at a sporting event are usually 50/50, while online slots are planned in advance. This basically means nothing else than that the provider has already set the slot to a payout with an algorithm, or even a loss of the player.

In sports betting, on the other hand, many things can distinguish between winning and losing. In most cases, the bookmaker will also give you a favourite that has a lower odds than the outsider. These odds are usually set according to various factors and then offered to the player. Player cancellations, the current form and the table play an important role and help the sports betting providers to find a suitable odds.

However, winnings are higher with slots
If you are very lucky with a slot and win a large sum, this is not to be compared with a won bet in the area of different sports. Only rarely are the odds so high that a bet is tripled. Very often the odds range from 1.50 to 1.90 for a favorite. Conversely, this means that a bet of 10.00 Euro with a odds of 1.90 Euro will only win 9.00 Euro. If you look at various free game winnings on a stake of only 0.50 euros, many slot players achieve a much higher win. So one can note that slots can pay out a lot more than a sports bet.

Another example can be made with an outsider quota. If an outsider actually manages to defeat the favourite and the bookmaker gives him a odds of 5.00, for example, the tipper has a total yield of 50.00 euros at a stake of 10.00 euros, of which 40.00 euros are profit. If, in return, a slot player bets 10.00 euros and spins the game with only 0.50 euros in bets, he can win a large number of prizes by means of free spins or full rows. Here are only 40.00 euros profit possible, but the stake can be partially thousandfold. Thus, with a stake of 0.50 euros per spin, a win of 500.00 euros or more can be achieved if the slot means well with a player.

What are the differences between sports betting and slots?
Not only the odds of winning and the amount of winnings differ. The duration of a bet also differs enormously from a slot. While a spin usually only lasts one second, a sports bet amounts to a football match of at least 90 minutes.
Of course, betting options are also a big difference to a single spin. In addition to winning bets, players can bet on handicaps that allow the favourite to start, for example, with a virtual backlog. Over or under bets are also possible and can be placed on goals, corner balls, throw-ins or cards.

What sports betting, slots, roulette and poker have in common, however, is the tension to which the player is exposed. With sports bets, this is distributed over an entire match; with slots, the players are usually exposed to enormous tension during the free spins. While roulette also falls under gambling, poker requires coolness in order not to betray one's hand.

Bets, slots, roulette and poker can be played at many providers
Many providers are now relying on a wide range of products and offer their customers every opportunity. Bet365, for example, is a well-known sports betting provider that also has a live casino, a slot area and its own corner for poker players. Thus a Tipper and/or gambler does not have to register itself with many different offerers, in order to get itself its tension. With Bet365 it is possible to move the credit back and forth by means of a transfer. Other offerers account for all ranges individually and thus a durable deposit and disbursement are necessary, in order to be able to play all offers.

However, if you want to play certain slots from providers such as Playtech, BigTimeGaming and Co., you should choose an online casino that has these games. Not every online casino has the same range of slots and therefore some players can't get around it and have to register at several casinos. But also in the area of sports betting there are differences. Higher odds, a better bonus offer or however a sport, which is not available with each offerer, can force also here a Tipper to register with several portals.

Are sports bets based on luck or predictable?
As already mentioned, there are two types of players. Some simply type into the black and are therefore more in the category of the gambler. Others, on the other hand, make a great extra income with sports betting. However, these bettors very often work in the sports sector and therefore have great knowledge of the sports. The chance of a successful bet can also be increased by means of information. For example, if the favourite Bayern Munich plays the TSG from Hoffenheim, many players are immediately focused on the FCB. Due to various failures or abuses in the team, however, the underdog can also rise to a favorite and thus give a betting rookie a good profit.

Betting beginners who inform themselves before a bet and then place a bet have a much higher chance of winning and therefore no longer talk about gambling. Nevertheless, there is a certain bit of luck involved, of course, so that the team on which the player bets also performs as it is hoped.

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