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The best sports in the World

by Staff Writer
14 Jan 2021 at 09:05hrs | Views
There are many sports that you can play, but there are some which are more popular than others. Some of these sports have made the players of the sports millionaires. If you are looking for sports that you can play professionally, here are some of the sports that you can play.

This is the best sport that is played around the world. It is the most played sport in every country but it is mostly dominant in Europe, Afri8ca as well as South America. Soccer has a world cup which is watched by approximately 600 million people across the world. There are over 200 countries that take part in the qualifiers of the world cup world-wide. Soccer has some of the most paid sports persons who are in the top ten.

This sport is mostly dominant in the US and China. Other continents that play this sport and best au online casinos games include Europe as well as South America. The sport makes it as one of the best sports worldwide. NBA finals are one of the most watched tournaments as th4ey are broadcasted in over 200 countries. There are over 10 countries that participate in these finals. There are four players that are in the top ten list of the most paid sportspersons in this sport.

Tennis is one of the most universal sports in the world. It is in the top ten most play6ed sports in every country. The Wimbledon tournament is also one of the most watched tournaments in the world ,did you know that you can bet on favourite tennis player at It is in the top ten most world. Roger Federer, one of the top players in tennis is the fourth most paid sportsman in the world. There are players from more than 40 countries that have made it to the top 100 players list.

Cricket is mostly dominant in India, Australia , South Africa as well as in the UK. It is watched by more than one billion people across the world.

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