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Will Japan realize the Tokyo Olympics 2021?

by Staff Writer
27 Jan 2021 at 16:39hrs | Views
Just months before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics is due to inaugurate, uncertainty continues to hang over whether the events should go ahead amid new waves of COVID-19 infections and risks posed by mutated virus variants.

Japanese public are doubtful
The Japanese government and the Olympic committee are grappling with the idea of pushing through the games while some are questioning whether Tokyo can cope with all the necessary measures for both athletes and spectators. According to a Japanese public opinion poll, it became clear that the majority of the population are not feeling positive about holding the Olympics in Tokyo this summer. More than half of the respondents supported the idea of cancellation. Only 11% of the respondents were in favor of moving forward.

The latest survey among the concerned groups of Japanese athletes showed how their training plans were negatively affected by the corona situation. The majority of the athletes pointed out the lack of preparatory competitions and training practice in comparison to normal situations. These are directly related to the number of restrictions and measures for social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus such as wearing masks and limiting the number of people in training facilities, as well as cancellation of oversea training camps.

The survey also revealed that the corona situation has been negatively affecting the athletes' motivation level at the same time. Given the headwind public opinion about this year's games, there is less enthusiasm for the Olympics. Some athletes remain ambivalent about this year's Olympics.

Is Sunshine State an alternative to Tokyo?
Jimmy Patronis, Chief Financial Officer of Florida, made a proposal to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to consider the state of Florida as an alternative venue in the event of cancellation in Tokyo.

Despite that the corona situation is still serious in the United States, Patronis emphasized Florida's robust vaccination system and its track record of hosting multiple sporting events such as UFC fights and NBA games over the past months. He also emphasized that Florida has sufficient hotel availability and a well-developed transportation network as well as 12 universities with sporting facilities.

The death toll in Japan exceeded 5,000 last weekend, however, more than 25,000 people have died with Covid-19 in the state of Florida. Some experts criticised the idea as to how Florida could handle the event safer and better than Tokyo.
Odds for the 2021 Summer Olympics
Currently, oddsmakers believe that the 2021 Olympics will move forward with fans. Several sportsbooks provide odds in favor of the Tokyo Games having spectators. In the previous year, odds providers were heavily in favor of the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics. Some bookies will continue to offer options to bet on what will happen to the Tokyo Olympics for now, including bookmakers for Japanese players. Right now, nothing is really conclusive except that another postponement is unlikely to happen.

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