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Some of the biggest and most shocking scandals in boxing history

by Staff Writer
02 Mar 2021 at 16:56hrs | Views
There will be one dispute or another about nearly everything in the film business. This makes it even more exciting and entertaining and draws even greater fans. Therefore, to achieve relevance and maximize visibility, you can see most individuals generating fake conflicts. Keep reading this post and get to see some of the boxing industry's biggest scandals. Did you know some of blackjack casino en ligne  rules are related to boxing

Boxing Promotion Goes Wrong
Boxer marketers and owners are known to do a few unethical things to boost their consumers' reputation. After all, every sort of advertisement is successful advertising, according to the entertainment industry. But Don King absolutely conquered all the fame. Also, the promoter, who is alleged to have killed 2 people, used corrupt methods to put his boxers on the map.

A Case of Racial Discrimination
In 1988, when he got a clear victory for himself but was declared the loser, Roy Jones got the shock of his life. The Olympic match took place in South Korea, with Jones competing against Park Si-Hun, the Korean boxing champion.  The boxer had managed to get up to 86-32 punches, and had clearly beaten his rival, did you know bestaustraliancasinosites like to bet on such boxers.

The judges were, however, biased and chose to award their local champion the victory. One of the 2 suspended judges admitted that they had given the victory to Si-Hun to make the locals happy. Later, Si-Hun apologized to Jones for the outcomes, apparently not pleased and shocked by the outcomes, too.

When The IBF was Branded the Most Corrupt Regulatory Body
 It is disappointing to find the regulatory bodies that are supposed to maintain order take part in corruption. After all, they are the ones that are supposed to be protecting the Boxers.  The then CEO of the International Federation of Boxing, Robert Lee was sued and jailed for 22 months for accepting over US 350 000 in bribes from shady promoters like Don King.

Source - Byo24News