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How the nature of online casino venues changed to increase their attraction to millennials

by Staff Reporter
05 Mar 2019 at 16:34hrs | Views
One of the most essential considerations online players require of online casino entertainment venues is their range of available games modernised to offer the excitement of gamification. A number of years ago online casinos realised that millennials as a group were not signing up in the historically predicted and expected numbers as members at online gambling entertainment venues. At the time, they simply seemed to show no interest in joining the rest of the online community by regularly taking a virtual seat at any of the types of games online casinos offered.

Certainly a strange and unusual phenomenon, considering the massive success online casinos and other gambling type entertainment activities enjoyed. Since its earliest inception, a global audience placed online casinos, sportsbooks, and developers under tremendous strain to meet the massive public demand clamouring for these types of entertainment formats.

An intensive study into the reasons why online gambling establishments posed no attraction value to Millennials as a whole globally revealed these individuals found the lack of interactive competition offered by the then industry standard games unappealing. This generation had grown up on a steady diet of highly interactive, high-quality video games that allowed and encouraged direct communication between individual players, their teams or opposition while playing the game. It also offered near life-like HD quality audio & graphics combined with extreme levels of competition. This demanded very high levels of skill and commitment for which the games, in turn, delivered rich rewards via tiered rewards systems. That in itself allowed players to benefit from an array of prizes such as unique personalised avatars, trophies, and tokens made available at certain levels of skill and advancement in the game. That allowed them to display their skill levels and seniority in the game publicly.

Taking a virtual seat at an online casino and clicking a button while watching the reels spin on a game held little value to that generation. It failed to offer further interaction with or communication between players that offered little else in the way of rewards other than money held little attraction for them. They preferred games that demanded they defeat challenging levels where after the successful completion of each level they would receive a new trophy to add to their public profile. Those accomplishments often were accompanied by more powerful armours and shields for their friends to see when their avatars meet in common areas or during team play.

The foremost online casino entertainment venues and leading gaming software developers in a concentrated cooperative effort created new content that met and offered these critical criteria. This introduced a new, soon to become highly popular trend called gamification into online casino venues. One can usually identify online casinos that incorporate gamification through their theme with modern casinos adopting a variety of themes such as Island Exploration, Adventure, or Superhero themes.

The best way to find casinos with gamification at heart is to visit one of the premier online affiliate sites such as Betenemy, where you will find a vast number of the leading gamified casinos together with excellent advice and tips_ on how to win consistently at online gaming.Casinos incorporating gamification now feature similar games offering levels of excitement and rewards that require players to complete challenges. These unlock new increasingly difficult levels that deliver ever higher rewards.

Millennials have since responded favourably to this change in online casinos, and this has resulted in the playing of casino games more rewarding and engaging. Adding to that favourable viewpoint has resulted in of similarly high levels of impressive graphics and themes that they have come to expect from a game, which collectively, have seen increased millennial traffic and game participation.

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