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7-tips to grow your blog using email marketing

by Staff Writer
17 Jul 2019 at 14:11hrs | Views
There you are! You have managed to set your website well, identified a niche and went ahead to make blog posts on it. What remains of you, is just monetizing your website to start earning from various blogs that you have made.

But, there is no one to read your blog post, leave a comment and even share them. Don't worry, what lacks in the whole process is simple.

Growing Your Traffic!
When growing blog traffic is mentioned, the first thing that rings in many people's mind is social media.

…the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and LinkedIn. Not knowing that the first bird at hand is email marketing.

Research has it that 205 Billion emails are sent on a daily basis. At the end of 2019, this number is projected to reach 246 billion.

Unlike in other digital platforms, email messages are generally business in nature. In fact, American expenditure in email marketing niche is projected to change $2.07 billion USD in 2014 to $3.07 billion USD. Just imagine how powerful this marketing technique is.

Anyway, you don't need to be smart in rocket science in order to start growing your blog traffic through email marketing.

Once you are done with creating your blog content, all you need is some 7 basic simple skills.

Use Social Media Accounts to Generating Email Addresses
You have probably heard of social campaigns such as sweepstakes and contests. Social campaigns are your number one priority in collecting email addresses.

If you do not own some of the accounts to various social platforms, then it will force you to. The fact is, hosting a social contest or sweepstakes is one of the coolest ways of collecting mail addresses.

You can also run a referral campaign alongside these campaigns. You simply have to create some deals to give out to friends whenever they refer their friends.

You can also add a link to your blog in your various social accounts. Through this, your internet friends will able to see your posts, click on the link and even leave behind their email addresses.

Create an RSS Feed for Your Blogs
People will tend to see your blog posts. Some will like or clap. Others will leave behind some comments. With RSS feeds on your blog, you are able to persuade your visitors to leave behind their emails.

The feeds should be catchy, visible and of contrasting color to what is contained in the blog.

The word in the feeds should be friendly and simple to understand.

Use Your Email to Get Mails
There is no way one can have a blog post without an email address. To register to the online community, the first thing you were asked for was an email address.

When you check your mail, you will get different mail messages from people from different parts of the world. That email can be used to get people into your blog post.

What you need is just a simple call to action in your email signatures. Through this, you will be able to invite your contacts to visit your blogs. The link should be easy to click.

Create a Pop-In Pop-Ups
A good number of mail messages that people receive are the result of RSS feed or the pop-in pop-ups. Though this technique of collecting emails seems scathing, it realizes intended results.

Keep the tone of the popping messages friendly. They should also be clear and "seemingly beneficial". Words like "free" or "exclusive", should be employed in most cases.

Engage Your Subscribers
Once you received the emails, what should ring in your mind is how you will maximize their use. Engaging the subscribers should however not mean sending unintended information or unsolicited emails. Remember you are dealing with individuals that are thirsty for quality products.

Therefore, the sent messages should be helpful in the long run. Through this, you will not only be able to maintain that number but also get feedback from them.

Always Remember to Keep Your Promise
There was this promise that you attached on the pop-ups, RSS feeds and during social media referral campaigns. The fact is those who subscribed anticipated seeing you living to meet them.

Keeping them, therefore, will not only help you build a stronger trusting base. They will also help in attracting several referrals from potential subscribers.

Know Your Subscribers and Segment Them
The aftermath of any mail generating process is a huge list of subscribers from different organizations, demography and geographical settings.

Knowing their respective backgrounds will help you in categorizing them according to their needs and expectations.

Through this, you will be able to provide the appropriate information to the right audiences.

Final Thoughts
Email marketing, when used well can help you reach the number one page of Google search engines.

You only need to incorporate some smart skills. A catchy, lucid and insightful blog post is just an added advantage.

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