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Are new-technology online casinos overtaking the old online casinos?

by Staff writer
06 May 2021 at 07:16hrs | Views
As the online casino industry expands rapidly, new online casinos that leverage advanced technology seem to be overtaking old and established online casino gaming platforms. But is this trend real, and is it going to continue over the next few years?

Let's take a closer look at how old and new online casinos are competing against one another, their unique benefits and downsides, and explore whether the industry will eventually settle with more new casinos taking over or more established casinos sticking around.


Advantages of Old Online Casinos

At Live Japan Casino, we review both old and new online casino platforms, so it's easy to see the unique advantages that these operators have relative to their younger, more technologically advanced competition.

More Reliability

For starters, old online casinos typically provide more reliability for their platforms and players. This is largely because the older online casinos have had more time to work out the kinks inherent in their hosting platforms or technology, so there are fewer crashes and there is less lag when a lot of players are on a given casino platform at once.

Additionally, older online casinos usually have more experience fixing issues that crop up from time to time, as well as dealing with digital security breaches. This can sometimes go the other way, however, with older casinos not recognizing the digital dangers now permeating the Internet.

Better Game Quality (Sometimes)

Many more established online casino platforms have a more developed and higher-quality catalog of slot and table games available. The older a casino platform exists, the more time its developers have to create engaging and rewarding games for its players.

This isn't always true – sometimes newer online casinos launch with phenomenal catalogs of games that really draw in new players – but on average, newer casino platforms don't have as many quality games compared to their older counterparts.

Loyalty Rewards

Lastly, older online casino sites usually provide more member loyalty rewards and promotions for longtime users as part of their business models. In addition to this, regular players of a casino site might stick by that site out of loyalty or familiarity, preferring to enjoy their favorite games rather than try new offerings from a younger and unproven brand.

Benefits of New Online Casinos

In contrast, newer online casinos often leverage advanced tech and more aggressive player traffic strategies to offer different experiences.

Better/More Frequent Promotions

For instance, new online casinos often provide a ton of opening bonuses or promotions to draw in new players and get people to try their games. Recurring promotions are also more frequent in general, awarding regular players with site credit, prizes, and other bonuses to keep them hooked.

Opening bonuses are so common in the online casino industry that many gamblers will flit from site to site, trying out different online casinos since they can use the opening bonuses to get a good sampling of everything before spending a lot of money.

Faster Technology Integration

New online casino sites definitely have the edge when it comes to integrating new technology, like VR and AR tech or live streaming to offer life table and poker games.

In contrast, older online casinos sometimes delay integrating new technology because they worry that providing new games or live streaming experiences can disrupt their current offerings or that the integrations won't work with their sites' architecture.

This means that new online casino sites are usually faster to jump on developing trends and new technologies, so they can sometimes seem more appealing to new gamblers.

New Games

The draw to novelty continues as a trend with modern casino sites because those sites often have new, unique, and exclusive slot and table games for their players.

A new casino site by definition will have a brand-new catalog, even if the collection of games only numbers a dozen or so. That can still be attractive to gamblers who are constantly looking for new slot game experiences instead of wanting to go back to their tried-and-true favorites all the time.

More Supported Currencies

Additionally, new online casino sites usually support a wide range of currencies, both classic and crypto, for players to make deposits or withdrawals with.

For example, newer online casino sites might allow players to make deposits or withdrawals through Bitcoin or similar cryptocurrencies. These currencies are particularly popular with newer and younger gamblers. Old or established casino sites might not offer exchanges in these currencies in favor of regular options like credit or debit card transfers or written checks.

The more currencies a casino site supports, the likelier it is to make a big profit since it makes it easier for players to make deposits.


Better Interfaces

Lastly, many new casino sites have better interfaces that are more intuitive or easy to navigate in part because digital design principles have evolved and become more widely understood over the last few years. This can make newer casinos easier or more enjoyable to play through, as well as make older casinos seem less attractive.

Are New-Tech Online Casinos Really Pushing Out Old Operators?

While it's true that new online gambling platforms are launching at an exponential rate, it's not necessarily true that all the old platforms will go away. In many respects, what we're seeing is simple capitalism: the most suitable gambling platforms will stick around no matter what.

Many well-established and older casinos will likely stick around, especially those that have good user interfaces and high-quality slot and table games collections with loyal fans. However, some older casinos that have merely been treading water and not progressing will be displaced by new tech online casinos sooner rather than later.

There's a finite amount of gamblers and gambling cash to go around, and with so many new options cropping up, new tech online casinos will quickly push any dying competitors out of business. Similarly, many of the new online casinos will fizzle out surprisingly shortly since they don't have distinguishing factors relative to the competition.

Ultimately, time will tell whether most of the new casinos launching over the next few years will stick around over the long term or if they will fade away like their older, less advanced competitors.

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