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Top 10 Tech and Innovation Predictions for 2019

by Staff Writer
26 Apr 2019 at 21:07hrs | Views
It's amazing how technology has rapidly grown for the last 40 years. Software and hardware have changed drastically, starting from big clunky devices such as life-sized 128 bit hard drives and dial-up internet into more convenient solutions such as cloud storage and 5G. For 2019, the world will wake up seeing confirmed announcements and rumors about new tech and gear that can literally shape every nation in the next 5 years.

We present to you the top 10 tech and innovation predictions for 2019. Others have made their predictions but we want to give ours based on what will most likely become a reality this year or 2 years from now. We'll be discussing both software and hardware that are either leaked on the internet or a hint by companies.

Take note that these are not in order.
  1. 5G on Everything

You've heard all the raving news about 5G, right? Well, it will be fully established this least on certain selected technology such as high-profile American phone carriers re-establishing their business models in order to make 5G services possible and cars finally able to have autopilot mode.

We had to put this first on our list because this has to be the most crucial innovation of the year.

Techies just cannot get enough of the 5G hype, since it is 3 times faster than the already swift 4G speed. What's the difference, you ask? Well, all in all, 5G has the quickest response time for any device. We're talking about 1 millisecond of response time compared to 4G's 50 milliseconds. This also means common mobile and computer actions such as downloading, calling, texting and web surfing become really fast.

Downloading a 3-hour movie with 5G will only take around 3 to 5 seconds, unlike 4G that can do it in 5 minutes. "Lag" will become an obsolete term since you will never experience it anymore whether you're on a call, online gaming or video chatting. It will definitely make online trends more prominent than ever before.

Due to the smooth operation, 5G will go beyond just phones and computers. AI will become better, digital tracking for businesses will be updated faster, and the overall transfer of data will be smoother than ever before.

2. All in the Cloud
If 5G does become available to the public, this means that people can finally rely on cloud more than any physical storage - mainly the USBs and other external hard drives. Cloud storage will become bigger than ever before, storing 5 times more data than it has ever been.

Cloud Saving will be used in various businesses; both commercial and industrial, schools can store student data in their own cloud, and general cloud storage prices from 1GB to 64GB will be cheaper on the market.

3. Better Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
This applies heavily to the video game market. VR and AR have been around for a couple of decades already until both became mainstream on video game platforms and mobile phones.

VR is also very heavy when it comes to CPU and GPU usage, demanding top-notch graphics cards and processors to keep it well. Whenever you'll browse for the best gaming PC on the market, manufacturers will boast how VR plays smoothly with their product.

The commercial success of VR equipment and games shows; and we're very certain that developers will find a way to make the experience more immersive than ever before. At the same time, they'll find a way to establish a simpler technology in order to sell cheaper VR for the masses.

Right now, a VR set requires a couple of cameras, a controller and the headset itself. Soon, tech companies will find a way to put them all under one roof - something that Oculus has been working on to release this year.

On the other hand, AR on phones will also respond much better than it already is. Interactive apps and games become more responsive - unlike how the current majority of them are. Soon, we'll say goodbye to clunky AR games and shaky special effects.

4. AI-assisted Tutors for Students
Yes, there are many different helpful websites for students for tutoring and 3rd party lessons but if 5G pushes through, we'll be looking at programs that assist the students on a personal scale. We're talking about AI tutors.

A one-on-one session between a tutor and student really helps a lot. Parents having a hard time tutoring their kids or having problems finding the best tutor will soon be forgotten if an AI tutor becomes real.

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