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Unusual majors in US military academies

by Staff Writer
22 Jul 2019 at 09:37hrs | Views
In case you have chosen a military academy instead of a traditional college or university, it signifies that you have given your future career a lot of thought. Going to military school presupposes that you are very motivated to serve your country. What should also be mentioned is that the subjects a student can major in when they graduate from the military academy are rather unconventional as well. At least, they are quite different from the majors listed in a more traditional educational institution.

By now, you are definitely aware of the fact that the learning process in a military academy will be very different from what your friends are going to deal with in their colleges or universities. Yet, the knowledge which you are going to acquire will be way more profound. If you make a decision to join the military, you understand how responsible you need to become. Apart from studying, you will have a lot of exhausting training, and you need to be able to keep going no matter how hard it seems as your main goal from now on is to be able to protect your country.

However, what is interesting is that military schools provide a range of subjects to major in. This way, military children have an opportunity to decide what field they are most interested in. For instance, you can become a military interpreter. During the course of studies you will be mastering one or a few languages. While serving in the army, the main task of a military interpreter is to translate everything to help their country receive useful information.

Speaking about unusual majors in military academy, aeronautical engineering definitely sounds fascinating even when you have no idea what you are going to study. Basically, students who decide to major in this subject will be developing and building spacecraft and aircraft. One needs to acquire knowledge and skills in such fields as mathematics, engineering and science to succeed at this profession. The studying process will definitely include conducting lots of experiments. Another rather usual major for a graduate of a military academy is behavioral sciences. Yet, the more you learn about it, the more you realize how important such skills are for the military. The thing is that having an expert on board who understands why people act a certain way, how one becomes a leader, as well as what organizational behavior is all about really helps to come up with a plan of actions that is going to work. Being able to understand the psychology of human beings and the processes that are involved in decision-making has always been one of the most valuable skills.

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