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The hidden benefits of non GamStop gambling for body & mind

by Staff Writer
19 Mar 2022 at 13:25hrs | Views
When we talk about non GamStop casinos, it is rare to praise their benefits to our health, both physical and mental. Instead, we talk about the risks of addiction and the disadvantages of a sedentary lifestyle, exposed only to the blue light of your screen.

Today we offer you a completely different look at games like lottery, slot machines or online poker. Because in addition to allowing you to earn money (a significant benefit), they can also be interesting for your body and your mind. Decryption...

What Happens in Our Brain When We Gamble at Non GamStop Casinos?

Like many activities (such as sports, sex, or even just receiving a compliment), gambling activates our reward system. Indeed, with each winning bet, our brain will release hormones associated with feelings of well-being and happiness. This explains why we take so much pleasure in playing poker or filling out a lotto grid. But also that some develop a form of addiction to online games.

But that's not the only effect gambling has on our brains. Recent studies have shown, for example, that Poker or Blackjack would prevent certain degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer. Indeed, strategy games have the particularity of increasing the rate of activation of your neurons. And therefore to preserve your mental health.

In general, and because it challenges your brain, gambling is cognitively excellent. By stimulating it in a positive way, these activities promote your cognitive reserve and better functioning of your brain.

Gambling: Entertainment With Anti-stress Properties

Gambling is also a great stress reliever. This is all the more important as the latter can have a devastating effect, both physically and mentally. Cortisol (which we secrete when we are stressed) will indeed increase our levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar. And therefore the risk of hypertension or cardiovascular disorders.

By allowing you to relax, gambling is therefore not only an excellent way to improve your mood but also to protect your body. Because when you start a game of online poker or try your luck at slot machines, you forget the worries of everyday life. Of course, it should not be abused, but it is a very simple way to find a balance between your obligations (professional, family) and your moments of pleasure.

There is no shortage of research indicating that happiness and physical health are directly linked. So if you like gambling, and rather than depriving yourself, take advantage of these sessions to relax. This will have a direct impact on your blood pressure and even relax your muscles.

How Does Gambling Affect the Brain?

Besides stimulating the release of dopamine and adrenaline in the brain, gambling stimulates more other emotions including excitement related to making money, social participation, and enjoyment. Although, in theory, everyone gambles the same way, individual differences stand out when exposed to high levels of stimulation as they do with gambling! While most of us are able to keep winnings and stop playing when some wins, everyone continues to play to get back the money they lost and this phenomenon is known as "loss chase" from which the problem of gambling addiction develops.

What Is the Role of GamStop in Fighting the Problem Gambling?

Although GamStop is an effective online gambling block, all gambling blockers have negative aspects. The main drawback of this scheme is that it is easily defeated by signing up for an offshore gambling site! In this way, the player can break the self-exclusion state and continue playing easily without any hindrances. Therefore, in terms of self-exclusion, it is advisable to use as many gambling blockers as possible, ban all gambling promotion messages and stay clear of all things that remind problematic gamblers of playing.

How to Take Care of Yourself When Playing Online?

Whether you're a professional gambler or a serious gambling enthusiast, playing online isn't always the best way to maintain a healthy routine. However, there are very simple ways to take care of yourself without having to give up your passion. Good physical and mental health is also very effective, and almost essential, to become or remain a competitive player.

 - Get moving: humans aren't made to sit in front of a screen all day. You need to move, exercise regularly for your head and your body to function properly. So force yourself to go out for a walk, or do half an hour of sport at least three times a week. This will affect your earnings!

 - Eat balanced: when you are busy with a game, you rarely take the time to cook. And we most often find ourselves snacking on industrial dishes, which are too fatty or too sweet. We are what we eat, so the healthier and more balanced your diet, the more alert and competitive you will be;

 - Get outside: your body needs exposure to sunlight. This helps regulate your circadian rhythm, but also your hormonal system. Do not give up on your social relationships either and find a balance between your passion and your personal life;

 - Rest: Some players may forget to sleep and spend sleepless nights playing online. Getting enough sleep is however very important to stay in good physical shape and boost your cognitive functions (concentration, anticipation, etc.)

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