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How to save money when planning a family vacation

by Agencies
15 Nov 2017 at 15:46hrs | Views
Traveling as a family can be expensive. In addition to the flights and accommodation, you will need to ensure you have enough money for food, drink, attractions, clothing, and souvenirs. For this reason, you will want to learn how to save money when planning a family vacation.

Select Off-Season Destinations
Hotels and airfares are typically more expensive during peak seasons, such as school breaks, Christmas, New Year, and summertime. It is, therefore, advisable to carefully consider off-season destinations to save a considerable amount of money. For example, you will often pay more for a holiday to the Caribbean during the festive holiday, so you should consider more affordable getaways to enjoy a warm Christmas, such as Los Angeles or New Orleans.

Compare Accommodation
Comparison site's like HotelsCombined can help you identify the best hotels for the best price online. The unique comparison tool can, therefore, provide the best possible rate for accommodation from the top travel sites. It could help you shave a considerable amount off your vacation budget, so you will have more money to spend on activities and attractions.

Pick Cities with Free Activities
All those attractions will quickly add up, which can take its toll on your bank balance. Save money by picking cities with a wide array of free activities, such as beautiful parks and interesting museums. It's possible to have plenty of fun without the expensive price tag.

Book an All-Inclusive Resort
All-inclusive resorts are ideal for families on a budget, as they will package together your hotel, food and drink into one neat and affordable deal. Many hotels can also provide a kids eat free option, which can save you a considerable amount of cash throughout your holiday. So, you can eat at the hotel and use your vacation money on snacks, sights, and souvenirs.

Pack Your Snacks
When it comes to snacking, you always have the option to pack snacks from home, which can prevent you from paying extortionate prices for your child's favorite treats. Pack delicious treats that will survive the journey, such as breakfast bars, crackers, peanut butter and trail mix.

Set a Souvenir Budget
Children would happily buy every item in a gift shop if you allowed them to do so. It is therefore important to set a souvenir budget to limit the amount of money the kids have to spend in each shop, which will also teach them about the importance of budgeting. For example, you should enter every museum, tourist attraction or aquarium with a set price in mind, which you should ensure your child sticks to as they browse the store.

Collect Keepsakes
Instead of buying cheap souvenirs in gift stores, give your child the gift of memories by encouraging your little one to collect things along the way. Set your son or daughter a mission to collect various items on the trip, such as seashells from every beach you visit, or branded items from the hotel. You can guarantee those keepsakes will have more sentimental meaning, and you can even creatively display the items once you arrive back home.

Source - Agencies