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Best penny stocks to watch in 2019

by Staff Writer
18 Jun 2019 at 06:19hrs | Views
Best Penny Stocks to Watch in 2019
Penny stocks are high risk, high reward investments but that doesn't mean you should ignore them. If you mitigate risk properly the volatility of trading these stocks can present plenty of opportunities to make money. There are plenty of opportunities available in the OTC stock market every day, but keep a keen eye on these opportunities over the coming months.

Hi-Crush Partners LP (HCLP)
Hi-Crush Partners provides sand to mining and fracking companies to make their jobs more efficient. HCLP provides mine-to-well site logistics services across the petroleum industry. Shares of the company have fallen from highs of $16.65 to around $3.50 today. The company will continue to work in tandem with mining companies, so it is worth keeping an eye on. HCLP had a net profit of $141 million in 2018 with promising quarterly results since then. The HCLP balance sheet is particularly encouraging with $1.43 billion in assets and only $626 million in liabilities.

Fuel Tech, Inc. (FTEK)
The shares of FTEK have spiked over the last few months, rising from $1.20 range to closer to $2.70. The sudden surge in penny stocks means that the company may be seeing a new bottom line trading range based on operational successes. FTEK saw an explosion in trading volume in March, which is another indicator that the stock is finding a new trading range. The expected settling range is between $2.25 and $2.90 over the next few months if the stock continues the current uptrend.

CVR Partners, LP (UAN)
It's almost unheard of to find a penny stock that pays out a meaty dividend, but CVR Partners, LP pays 8%. That might be a warning sign, but it could also be a sign that the industry is stable and the company is making the best use of its funds. UAN is engaged in the nitrogen fertilizer business which has seen consistent sales and consistent dividends over the last few years.

The consistent business of UAN makes this stock a crucial part of a good portfolio that considers low-profile stocks. Most of the hottest stocks these days are digital currencies, cannabis tech stocks, or electric transportation. A peek at the balance sheet shows CVR Partners has $1.25 billion in assets and $629 million in liabilities.

Inseego Corp. (INSG)
Inseego Corp. is in the interesting position of providing 5G technology to connect workers, fleet vehicles, and other Internet of Things devices. The company is continuing to build out its business, and the shares have continued to rise. The INSG stock was heavily undervalued at the $2 level and has since made moves up to the $4.50 range.

The new floor for INSG is expected to be the $5.25 range as the company continues to experience growth. INSG as a long-term investment doesn't make sense if you look at the balance sheet. So, keeping an eye on the direction the stock takes may help you decide on this one. Right now, INSG is underwater with $192 million in total liabilities and $158 million in total assets.

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