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Miss World Zimbabwe cancelled

by Melissa Mpofu
10 Sep 2016 at 07:13hrs | Views
Zimbabwe, according to the Miss Zimbabwe Trust, has no beautiful girls fit to represent the country at the Miss World contest this year — something that has forced organisers of the Miss World Zimbabwe pageant to abort mission and try scouting again next year.

The Miss Zimbabwe Trust yesterday swallowed a bitter pill and announced that there would be no pageant this year.

"The Miss Zimbabwe Trust would like to inform its stakeholders and the generality of Zimbabweans that it'll not be holding the 2016 edition of the Miss World Zimbabwe pageant," said the Trust in a statement.

"This decision was reached after the Trust did not get the sufficient number of ladies during the scouting process."

Interestingly, the scouting process that was repeatedly conducted for eight months yielded no results. Thirteen aspiring contestants were shortlisted but obviously did not make the Miss Zim Trust grade. The Trust said they had hoped to get at least 30 contestants.

"Of the 13 that we got, our scouting committee hinted that only two really made the grade so we realised it was going to be a waste of resources holding the pageant," said the Trust's spokesperson, Tendai Chirau.

"At times you can't waste money and hold an event just for the sake of holding it. You can't crown a sub-standard queen who'll fail to impress at Miss World and waste money."

In order to entice people, the Trust had offered $2 000 to the person who would bring a winning model, but it seems all those efforts were fruitless.

"It's in light of the above, that the Trust will hold the next pageant in 2017."

However, the Miss Zimbabwe Trust may have failed to secure quality models as a result of the way they treated queens they crowned in the past two years. From alleged indecent pictures to sex tapes, the Trust has shamed its queens by failing to manage internal politics labelling some of the models like Emily Kachote as drunkards and reckless liars after accusing her of having posed undressed. Up to today, many people have not seen Kachote's indecent pictures.

But, the Trust seems content with its firm approach to modelling.

"If there's any truth that we're failing to get models because of our rules, then I'm happy. I'm happy because this shows that there's self censorship. If you look at reasons for dethronements, they are very valid because we want a girl who will represent the nation well," said Chirau.

"This will actually help us as we'll only attract the best, probity models. We'll not stop dethroning people if they break the rules. Rules are rules and they must be followed."

Despite the fact that this year's pageant has been cancelled, the Trust is still conducting auditions for models who will take to the ramp next year.

"Scouting for models is continuing. Models interested in taking part at Miss World Zimbabwe 2017 are invited to come to the Miss Zimbabwe Trust offices in Harare and audition any day. They can alternatively send their application via our website," said Chirau.

"The 13 aspiring contestants who were shortlisted during the scouting process are advised that they don't have to come for the other scouting process which is still ongoing."

If the pageant is held next year, the 13 ladies will be entered automatically into the competition.

"The shortlisted 13 ladies have an automatic entry when the pageant is held in 2017. Any inconvenience caused is sincerely regretted."

Asked how they would get contestants for next year after failing to get them this year, Chirau was confident saying their scouting committee had since gone back to the drawing board.

"As a Trust, we've gone back to the drawing board and are now looking for other strategies to look for girls.

"The best way to find the crème de la crème is to take time. We believe that Miss World Zim is not a pageant for the Trust alone, but a national pageant. If we all work together, there'll be light at the end of the tunnel."

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