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'Shinso impregnated me'

by Staff reporter
27 Jun 2018 at 17:05hrs | Views
ZIMDANCEHALL chanter, Shinsoman - real name Romeo Antony - has been accused of impregnating Manjenjenje raMonica Queens Dancer, Popo, and demanding that she terminates the pregnancy.

Born Rutendo Chigwada, the 23-year-old said Shinso was denying responsibility of the pregnancy yet he is the only man she was dating and having unprotected sex with.

In an interview, with H-Metro, the Popo said:

"Our affair started on the 23rd of February but we only started having unprotected sex on 6 March.

"Since March 6, airamba kupfeka marubber (condoms). I am now three months pregnant carrying his child but he demands that l terminate the pregnancy.

"I can't abort because l do not want to kill the innocent baby. Mwana haana chaakatadza asi isusu tiri two. Paaida (unprotected sex) aifanirwa kuziva maeffects acho."

She added:

"Yesterday I asked him what was the way forward and he was not being nice to me at all; rather he is giving me cold shoulder.

"My fear is what will my parents say because my mom is a Pastor and my sister is a prophetess and Shinso anotombobatsirwa ikoko.

"The reason why Shinsoman wants me to abort the baby is his career will be at stake and also he fears his wife."

Contacted for comment, Shinso confirmed the affair.

"I know the girl you are talking about and we stay in the same area in Highfield. The relationship we had was not a serious one, wangu.

"To be frank, I am not responsible for the pregnancy. Handina kurara naye. It was not a serious relationship."

When further contacted, Popo, who once featured in one of Shinso's video Wekedero featuring Andy Muridzo, added:

"I still insist that he is responsible for the pregnancy. He is refusing like what every man does. I have proof kuti ndiye akandinhumburisa."

Source - hmetro