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What you need to get if you want to safely try recreational marijuana

by Staff writer
23 Jan 2021 at 19:17hrs | Views
Using recreational marijuana these days is a liberating and enjoyable experience. As more and more states are changing their stance on the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, people now have more freedom in getting high and having a newfound way to enjoy parties and hangouts with friends. Recreational marijuana can now be consumed in various ways, compared to the past, when you can only smoke a joint. It is encouraging to try recreational marijuana, but you have to keep some things in mind to fully enjoy it.

Here, we will share some essential things you need to know and what you need to get if you want to safely try recreational marijuana.

Use a Bong

If you are a non-smoker but want to feel the effects of marijuana immediately, one of the best ways to take in the good stuff is through inhalation. While lighting and puffing a joint would be the easiest way, it would leave you coughing up several times before you get used to smoking weed - not a good way to start things. You also would not want to have a burnt aftertaste lingering in your mouth after your first toke. Toking through a bong is a good solution for that.

A bong is an ingenious invention that has been around for centuries. The earliest bongs were made of bamboo, and as time passed, glass bongs came about to provide a compact and convenient way of inhaling marijuana. The smoke you get is cool, smooth, and gentle to the mouth and throat and that's how your first try experience should be. One thing you should remember though is to start low and slow with your first cannabis intake, especially with a bong. It can be deceptively enjoyable to get a smooth smoke from this device, but you are still essentially smoking weed. Choose a small bong with a small weed bowl as your starter kit. You have to enjoy weed in small doses at first to get pleasant effects and not overwhelm your senses. This way, you can safely assess if your first few tries are enjoyable, and decide on how you will proceed in using weed moving forward.

Rolling Paper

Rolling and smoking a joint is the old-school and most common way of consuming marijuana most of us know. Media and film portrayals of smoking joints have helped popularize it among weed users around the world. You might have no trouble adjusting to smoking weed if you are a cigarette smoker, but you still need to take it easy on the tokes if it is your first time. Many experienced recreational weed users will advise you to microdose on your first joint toke. For that, you need to use a minimal amount of dried weed and a rolling paper that seals in the taste and aroma of weed when you roll your first joint. Take light and long puffs and inhale the smoke and release it gradually. Take time to observe your experience between tokes, and don't greedily consume your joint like it's the last one. Starting your marijuana experience should be slow and mild as you immerse in the new experiences of your first high.

Weed Vape

Another useful device to use in the inhalation route of consuming marijuana is the weed vaporizer or vape. Many weed users consider vaping weed as a healthier alternative to smoking because it does not release tar and carcinogens that are produced during the burning of the flower. As the name puts it, you are inhaling vapor that carries the active compounds of marijuana. The weed flower is heated but not burnt when producing vapor, so no tar or carcinogen gets released along with the vapor. You can choose from the tabletop vaporizer, portable vaporizer, and a pen vaporizer as your starting vape kit. Also, you can select from flowers and concentrates as your consumption methods. Dosage is always an essential concern in marijuana intake, so put small and controlled amounts into your vape when you consume weed vape for the first time.

Try Marijuana Edibles

As mentioned earlier, marijuana has become versatile, and you can take it in different ways, whether for medical or recreational purposes. The euphoric and psychoactive effects of edibles take longer to kick in than inhalation via smoking, vaping, or using a bong but the high lasts longer when you consume edibles compared to inhaled smoke or vapor. Again, we recommend that you go easy on consuming edibles due to the long time it takes for the high to kick and the long time for the high to dissipate. Edibles have largely uncontrolled doses due to the varying amounts of cannabis used during their preparation, so be patient and take small amounts one to two hours after every bite.

Enjoying marijuana is now accessible to almost everyone. Getting the desired effects or high is a matter of preparation and dosing. Always start nice and slow when trying out weed and choose the most comfortable way of taking it. Lastly, marijuana is meant to be enjoyed and better taken with friends.

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