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7 key activities for creating trust in successful relationships

by Staff Reporter
06 Jun 2018 at 14:28hrs | Views
Trust is the cement in any relationship, binding the partners together, building the foundation for a long and contented future together. But to take that analogy further, when anything happens to erode that trust the whole structure becomes unstable. In many instances the relationship will simply fall apart. Here are seven key activities that will create the trusting environment so essential to a successful relationship.

Friends as well as lovers

Trust will be enhanced if you develop a strong sense of friendship. It might seem like a no brainer, but not all couples appreciate that a partner should be a confidante and buddy over and above someone to be intimate with. This will strengthen the bonds between you.

Be positive

Every relationship will have its shares of ups and downs, but the important point is not to dwell on the negative aspects. Whether this was something that happened outwith your control, or you are smarting from a row you've had together, always embrace the mindset of wanting to move on rather than allowing past events to gnaw at your mind. Accentuate the positive and when moments arise that should be celebrated, do so heartily. Couples who remain upbeat are far more likely to enjoy a happy relationship, relishing their time together, from spending quality time in each other's company to having a robust sex life.

Open communication

We all have needs and concerns, and the extent to which these prey on our minds will vary considerably. But if you want to avoid undermining trust, always be ready to express these inner feelings with your partner. Not every saying has practical applications, but ‘a problem shared is a problem halved' is actually very pertinent.

Focus on your partnership

No successful relationship should be one-sided and there can never any room for selfishness. You need to be constantly looking our for your partner's aspirations, ready to support their endeavours at all times. When you are considerate towards one another, prioritizing the things the other person wants, you will certainly help to develop the sense of trust between you. There is a reason why blissfully satisfied couples are sometimes referred to as a singular 'item.' The sign of a healthy relationship is when they have naturally evolved into a team who think in terms of collective decisions and joint ambitions.


You must never get into the habit of being lackadaisical when it comes to being there for someone for whom you are special. If you continually let them down by not doing what you promised to do, or by making regular excuses, you will undermine their feelings for you.

Don't shy away from confrontation

While there may be a temptation to avoid awkward situations and go down the route of ‘anything for a quiet life,' a far more recommended course of action would be to present a united front against adversity.

 Willingness to accept criticism

Trust is always a two-way issue and must never be imbalanced. If this harmony is to be maintained it's important to meet your partner half-way, even if you are having a heated disagreement about something. You need to be able to accept criticism and look for compromises. In a strong relationship communication breakdowns are usually only momentary, but only if issues are addressed objectively.

To conclude, regardless of how your relationship commenced, whether your bond first formed on interracial dating site or an introduction via your social circle, it so much harder to rebuild trust after it has been broken. Far better to focus on the above activities to avoid reaching that point.

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