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A look inside Zimbabwe's most glamorous resorts

by Staff writer
01 Sep 2020 at 19:01hrs | Views
Caption: One of Zimbabwe's major attractions for tourists is its rich wildlife
Zimbabwe is fortunate to have a stunning natural landscape, complete with beautiful flora and fauna. It's no surprise that our country has become a favorite for tourists. Glamorous resorts are cropping up all over the place, which not only brings a welcome boost to the economy but also more excitement for tourists. These are some of the most breathtaking resorts in Zimbabwe.

Rainbow Towers Harare
This resort is conveniently located in Harare, so it's often enjoyed by discerning business travelers. The long list of amenities shows that the resort has been planned with exactly these guests in mind. A same-day valet, a beauty salon and massage parlor ensure that business travelers can always arrive in style. For those who like to keep in shape, the Rainbow Towers Hotel offers a heated swimming pool, as well as an enormous health center and tennis courts.

Once business and exercise are done for the day, the resort has three options for guests to grab a bite to eat. The Kombahari Restaurant has the most diverse menu, specializing in Afro-Asian fusion cuisine. Guests are invited to take a seat around the dramatic columned bar and watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen. And once dinner is over, there's still one more trick up the Rainbow Towers Resort's sleeve.

With online casino sites offering free spins no deposit win real money options to their patrons, it can be difficult for traditional resort casinos to compete. However, The Regency is a well-established name in the Zimbabwean casino network and their flagship casino is still a great place to visit. As part of the Rainbow Towers Resort, the casino provides guests with a luxury gaming experience. No less than 120 slot machines and 12 table games are available all year round, so just like with dinner options, you're truly spoiled for choice.

Singita Pamushana Lodge
While Rainbow Towers provides the perfect city retreat, Singita Pamushana Lodge provides the opposite; a paradise in the wilderness. Right in the middle of a 130,000-acre wildlife reserve and only a stone's throw from a prestigious National Park, Singita Pamushana Lodge is a heaven for nature lovers.

It has a great vantage point over its surroundings, so guests can easily spot wildlife from the comfort of their rooms. Everything from vultures, through lions to elephants, can be spotted from the hotel grounds. If you book one of the popular safari tours, then you might be lucky enough to see even more animals.

The accommodation maximizes the feeling of freedom allowed by high ceilings. Thatched roofs and floor to ceiling windows let in loads of light. The decor is minimal and rustic, with tree trunk roof supports and carved stone walls.  A continuous floor level out to the pool allows guests to feel one with nature, while whites, creams, and bare wood provide a relaxing and unpretentious space.  

The Singita Pamushana Lodge excels in terms of dining. The resort uses fresh, local produce, which they bring to life with imaginative dish ideas. While many of us have tried venison as a stew, or perhaps a steak, here it is served as a carpaccio with a zingy ponzu dressing and toasted seeds.

The melting texture of the meat combined with just the right levels of acidity and crunch make for a starter that is truly out of this world. To finish off the meal, treat yourself to a South African wine, or a local beer, whilst you gaze out across the dam and into the sunset.

Zambezi Sands River Camp
Caption: A friendly gazelle often visits the poolside at the Zambezi Sands River Camp

Another resort that has made itself at home in the wilds of Zimbabwe is the Zambezi Sands River Camp. This stunning safari resort sits right on the banks of the Zambezi river and benefits from views of all the animals that come to drink here.
High octane activities are the major preoccupation of the guests here. Guided walks around the grounds of the resort, longer jeep expeditions, and even sunset cruises down the river, come together to make this resort holiday an experience to be treasured.

The accommodation is a little more simple than the previous two resorts, with tents forming the rooms for guests to sleep in. This open plan style of living means that the rooms always feel breezy and cool, even in the hot Zimbabwean summers.

The bathrooms here are a picture of elegance, with freestanding bathtubs taking center stage. The tent form was chosen though, to highlight the beauty of the wilderness beyond. Each room comes with a view that's all of its own, but no less staggering than any of its neighbors.

The emphasis on the catering at Zambezi Sands is on fresh food, prepared simply. Breakfasts consist of piles of fresh fruit and cheeses, while dinners are often simple curries, broths, or gently cooked meat. The ingredients are allowed to speak for themselves and paired with local wine and followed by a homemade dessert, there's perhaps no better food on Earth.

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