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Skiing in the Dolomites

by Staff Writer
19 Apr 2021 at 10:59hrs | Views
The dream skiing holiday requires appropriate preparation and the choice of the best location. A guarantee of the appropriate weather? Great skiing conditions? Rich tourist infrastructure? You will find all that in Italian Dolomites. We will help you choose the best resort and tell you how much to spend not to pay too much.

Active time skiing is great for the experienced and the new fans of this form of recreation. Skiers and snowboarders can choose from many well-prepared, professional resorts in different parts of the world. The Dolomites are the destination more and more eagerly chosen by the Polish skiers.

Why is it worth choosing the Dolomites?

This is a unique place which guarantees snow and great fun thanks to the presence of glaciers. Their excellent accommodation infrastructure and professionally-prepared skiing resorts will meet the needs of even the most demanding tourists. Below, you will find the resorts worth considering when planning your holidays.

Val di Fassa - Moena, Canazei, Campitello, Pozza, Vigo

Val do Fassa is a valley situated in the central part of the Dolomites where you can find one of the best ski resorts in Europe. Skiers and snowboarders can choose 9 different resorts here, offering more than 230 kilometers of routes of varying difficulty. The beginners may use wide routes with slight inclination. More experienced skiers will find some adrenalin on one of the "black" ski tracks.

In the resort, you can travel fast and comfortably, selecting one of 120 cutting-edge ski lifts. This is thanks to the connections between resorts: Canazei and Belevedere with PassoPordoi tracks; Ciampac and Fedaia with Marmolada; Vigo with Pozza di Fassa; Campitello Col Rodella with Passo Sella; Catinaccio, Aloch, Buffaure and Carezza with Nova Levante. What is more, in the resort you can find border-cross, freeride and Aloch ski track in Pozza di Fassa which can be used at night.



Civetta is one of the largest ski resorts in Vaneto, a vast, typically tourist region comprising several places, including Alleghe, Selva di Cadore, Zoldo and Palafavera.

This is a perfect place for skiing and snowboarding beginners and for families with children. The fans of skiing can use many wide tracks with slight inclination, good snow cover and smooth ride.

What is more, it offers numerous ski schools where you can start your adventure with winter sports under the supervision of professional instructors. The more experienced ones can use "red" tracks to develop their skills.

It is not a problem to travel in the resort as there are dedicated ski buses to transport you from one place to another. They are free for the ski pass holders. A ski bus will take you even to the Marmolada which is famous in the entire Dolomites.
Most skiing slopes are situated at 1,500 m above sea level to 2,100 m above sea level which guarantees natural snow. You will find also cross-country skiing and trekking tracks here.


Val di Fiemme - Predazzo

The Dolomites Gate is a popular name for Fiemme valley, a region particularly attractive to skiers in the Italian Dolomites situated in the North-eastern part of Trident. Val di Fiemme offers more than 100 km of perfectly prepared tracks and several professional resorts, including AlpeCermis-Cavalese, Ski Center Latemar, PassoLavazé-Oclini or Alpe di Bellamonte-Lusia.

The largest one is Ski Center Latemar-Obereggen offering more than 30 ski tracks with the total length of more than 50 kilometers. The particularly difficult, "black" track PisteAngello will be an interesting attraction for experienced skiers.

The beginners are bound to love AlpeCermis with many wide ski tracks with slight inclination. Children will find some entertainment on Cermislandia track where you can meet cartoon characters on the way. Val di Fiemme offers dedicated cross-country skiing routes as well.


Going for winter holidays to Italy, it is worth ensuring the appropriate holiday and travel insurance.The fans of skiing and snowboarding are particularly susceptible to injuries and many consider skiing and snowboarding to be high-risk sports.

An accident on the slope often results in serious injuries, the treatment of which may turn out highly expensive, particularly abroad. To prevent the accident or sudden disease from compromising your holiday plans, you should buy an appropriate policy before you leave. What should it include?

  • Treatment cost insurance - the recommended minimum sum of such insurance is EUR 30,000. This will also provide coverage for COVID-19 infection.
  • Mountain rescue costs - at least EUR 5,000. This is a highly important policy component as the mountain rescue action is paid and very expensive abroad.
  • Assistance - this is a guarantee of fast basic assistance, usually 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Accident insurance - this will ensure compensation disbursement for permanent health impairment. It is also a material security for the close ones if the injured person dies.
  • Third party liability insurance - sports third party liability insurance may turn out of particular importance. Thanks to that, we will avoid the consequences of accidents caused by ourselves and suffered by third parties.

Useful policy extensions:

  • Alcohol clause - offers coverage if the accident or another event takes place when the insured person is under the influence of alcohol.
  • Extreme sports - practicing them is not covered by the basic insurance. Extreme sports include e.g. skiing outside the slope or the popular heli-skiing.
  • Luggage insurance - guarantees compensation if it is stolen or damaged.

Source: insurance comparison site rankomat

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