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ICAC demands lifting of Ecowas embargo against Mali

by Stephen Jakes
05 Sep 2020 at 08:49hrs | Views
The International Coalition Against Coronavirus and Other Pandemics (ICAC) has demanded the lifting of the ECOWAS embargo against Mali and the immediate release of its Vice President Pulcherie Edith Gbalet who has been declared Covid 19 positive in Ouattara Alassane prison.

In a statement, ICAC President  Toure Moussa Zeguen  said his organisation  denounces the illegal and inadmissible arrest for weeks of  Edith Pulchérie GBALET, President of the Ivorian Civil Society, following huge demonstrations organized by the people to demand respect for the Constitution by the dictatorial regime of Mr. Alassane Dramane Ouattara.

"Since her detention in the Abidjan prison of arrest and correction (MACA) under inhumane conditions, she has just tested positive for covid19 along with several other detainees. The CICC denounces with the greatest energy these unworthy and intolerable practices of the Ivorian regime which violates the basic rights of Ivorians and thus endangers the life of our Vice President, as well as those of several other prisoners whose release we have been demanding for a long time in order to relieve the prisons in Côte d'Ivoire and Africa," he said.

"The CICC reaffirms its unwavering support for the Ivorian people in their struggle against the dictatorship of Alassane Dramane Ouattara for democracy and free and inclusive elections that respect the constitution. The CICC DA, calls on all Africans and peoples of the world to vigorously denounce this dictatorship and the intolerable attempt at an electoral coup d'état organized by the enemy of the African peoples that is now the dictator Alassane OUATTARA who had an inhumane embargo imposed by ECOWAS on the valiant and dignified people of Mali."

Moussa Zeguen  said while the Malian people, valiantly supported by their patriotic and responsible army, have just deposed the valiant regime of France led by IBK, we note with horror the medieval practices and reactions of ECOWAS, which tried in vain to reinstall the fallen government, despite its reputation for corruption, incapacity and submission to colonial France.

"The CICC therefore demands the immediate and unconditional lifting of the inhumane ECOWAS embargo against Mali in order to allow the worthy people, victims of French NEO-COLONIALISM, to continue their irresistible advance towards sovereignty, democracy and integral development," he said.

"ECOWAS, which is nothing but an unpopular box of imperialist domination at the service of France in Africa, is now becoming the number one enemy of our peoples resolutely committed to African sovereignty and unity against dictatorships and regimes in the pay of the French."

Source - Byo24News