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American Organisation Partners the Collin Nyabadza Children's Voice Charitable Trust

by Staff Reporter
08 Aug 2017 at 16:01hrs | Views
A United States of America based organization, the S.E.L.F. Project partnered a local organization, the Collin Nyabadza Children's Voice Charitable Trust (CNCVCT) to help three rural schools in Bubi District in running sports leadership activities. The S.E.L.F Project is a 501(c)3 American organization which stands for Sports Education Leadership Foundation. They strongly believe in helping boost children and young people's self-esteem through sports so as to become more assertive in life. Their approach is similar to that of the CNCVCT.

The S.E.L.F Project then recently sent two of its staff members to visit Zimbabwe under the auspices of the Collin Nyabadza Children's Voice Charitable Trust. The two ladies Holli Omori and Hannah Wasserman arrived in the country on the 16th of July, 2017 where they were welcomed at the airport by the CNCVCT Board Chairperson, Mr. Siqhubumthetho Dube who then drove the pair to Bubi District. While there, they were assigned to Majiji, Somvubu and Gloag High Schools where they were also housed.

They spent a few days at each of the three schools where they carried out a variety of activities in Physical Education and Leadership among others. They also had roundtables with the children and teachers in the three schools. Holli is a Dean of students at a high school in the USA and as such this trip came in very handy for the Zimbabwean teachers as her and Hannah were able to share how student discipline is handled in that country together with the Restorative Justice Model. All in all this was a very educative trip on both parties as they learnt so much from each other.

On leaving each of the three schools, the visiting duo kindly donated lovely sports equipment to each one of them. This equipment included soccer kits, volleyball nets, basketball kits and much more. The children, teachers and parents deeply appreciated the kind gesture. Before leaving the country for home, Holli and Hannah had the opportunity of visiting the Hwange National Park on a Safari where they were able to see some of the Big Five in their natural habitat. It was unfortunate though that they were not able to see the King of the Jungle (the lion). They missed a pride of lions by just a few minutes.

The American visitors also indicated that their organisation would assist Majiji High School build a basketball court. This is a project that Holli feels would help the children and the girls at that school in building their self-esteem a lot. "We believe this increase in self-esteem and confidence leads to an increase in leadership skills and teamwork, which are key elements to success in life and work. This is so important for girls and women and one reason we feel so strongly about building the basketball court", she stressed. The court is going to cost slightly above USD11 000. Since this is a bit high, both the CNCVCT and the S.E.L.F. Project will work towards sourcing funds for the project.

The two visitors completed their tour of duty on the 27th of July, 2017 when they flew back home. The CNCVCT Board Chairperson, Mr. Dube drove them to the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport. Before that he had hosted them at his Bulawayo home in the morning prior to their departure. Speaking from his base in Canada, the CNCVCT's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Collin Nyabadza had this to say, "I really wish to express my sincere gratitude to the S.E.L.F. Project team for expressing deep confidence and faith in our organization by sending two of their staff to visit us and also for the lovely equipment they brought with them for our schools. Our organization, the teachers, children and even parents of the schools that they visited on their trip, would certainly never be the same again through this historic project. We learnt so much from Holli and Hannah. It is my sincere hope that our two organisations will build on from this lovely experience and even see some of my staff reciprocate this visit in the future". Mr. Nyabadza also expressed his sincere thanks to Mr. Dube for having worked diligently and tirelessly in ensuring that the visitors enjoyed their stay in Zimbabwe.

"We don't have a vehicle as yet. I am therefore grateful to him for having gone above and beyond in seeing to it that everything went on smoothly despite our limited resources. As a team we are so proud of the sacrifice Mr. Dube puts into our organization", remarked Mr. Nyabadza who also used that opportunity to urge corporate bodies to come on board and assist his young organization with funds to purchase a vehicle as he strongly feels the availability of one could have helped them touch more schools.  

For more on the organisation's work they may be visited at, while the S.E.L.F Project are available at,

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