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Stanbic Bank donates US$20 000 for chemotherapy drugs to CAZ

by Agencies
20 Dec 2023 at 22:26hrs | Views
Harare, 19 December 2023 - Stanbic Bank has donated US$20 000 to the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe (CAZ) towards the purchasing of chemotherapy drugs for its members.
This year is the 10th consecutive year in which the Standard Bank Group subsidiary has assisted with the acquisition of drugs for CAZ as the institution demonstrates that it values not only financial success but the well-being of the communities it serves.
Stanbic Bank Manager, Brand and Advertising , Tariro Memo said the leading financial services institution is privileged to support the CAZ in its relentless fight against cancer.

"Our commitment to this cause goes beyond mere philanthropy; it is a testament to our dedication to the health and welfare of the people of Zimbabwe. This contribution is a tangible expression of our solidarity with those battling cancer and a reaffirmation of our belief in the importance of healthcare initiatives," said Memo.

She said CAZ has been an unwavering force in the face of this formidable challenge, and Stanbic Bank is proud to stand by them as they make a difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Memo emphasized that Stanbic Bank's support extended beyond financial donations adding that it reflected a shared vision of a healthier, more resilient society hence the 10 years of partnership, collaboration and shared determination with CAZ.

"CAZ's work is a beacon of hope, and Stanbic is honored to contribute to its cause. As we hand over these chemotherapy drugs, let it symbolize not just a material donation but a collective commitment to combating and fostering future wellness," said Memo.

She noted that Zimbabwean Cancer patients continue to face several challenges such as breakdown of machinery at public cancer treatment centers, high cost of medication and cancer services, centralization of cancer services which results in some patients having to travel long distances to visit the treatment centers.

CAZ general manager, Junior Mavu, said the 10-year long partnership with Stanbic Bank served as a source of inspiration for the association to keep going despite the prevailing harsh operating environment.
Mavu said the donation plays a pivotal role in sustaining the lives of over 150 cancer patients who have undergone up to eight sessions of cancer treatment each with its own course of drugs.

"The Chemo Fund by Stanbic Bank has assisted 151 cancer patients made up of 127 women and 24 men to purchase drugs for before and after chemotherapy. We are proud to be associated with Stanbic Bank and are pleased to have this decade-long journey which has also seen institution refurbish our Home for Cancer patients at Sally Mugabe Hospital - Tariro Hostel," said Mavu.

Source - Agencies