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Man jailed for marrying and indulging in sex with his daughter

by Staff Reporter
13 Jun 2019 at 18:22hrs | Views
A man has been jailed for indulging in sex with his wife - who is also his daughter.

According to US media reports, Travis Fieldgrove freely admitted he had been indulging in sex with a woman who was both his wife and his daughter.

He has been convicted on incest charges and put behind bars for two years after striking up the relationship with his long-lost daughter, who had managed to track him down.

The 40-year-old was ordered to have no contact with Samantha Kershner, 21, the Omaha Herald reports.

The pair were married on October 1 in Hastings, Nebraska.

According to Kershner's report given to police, she and Fieldgrove first made contact approximately three years ago after she asked her mother to put her in touch with the father she never knew. The mother arranged a meeting, and Fieldgrove and Kershner soon entered into a father-daughter relationship.

And though neither Fieldgrove nor Kershner has commented much on how and when the relationship turned romantic and sexual, they've admitted that they engaged in sex (apparently for the first time) on September 10, 2018. Then, on October 1, they were married.

Court documents show that police first spoke to Fieldgrove and Kershner about their relationship in September after receiving a tip-off from Kershner's mother. Both parties soon admitted that the relationship was romantic and sexual, though they each said they believed they weren't actually father and daughter at first.

Whether this was a lie told to police remains unclear. Either way, DNA tests have since confirmed that they are indeed father and daughter.

The two were then arrested in January and further details quickly came to light.

Fieldgrove, for one, told authorities that he initially didn't believe he was truly Kershner's father because his name was not on her birth certificate. He has since said that he regrets the entire affair and feels embarrassed while his attorney has said that he suffers from a brain injury and is not a "high-functioning" person.

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