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Elderly man gets dining fork stuck in his manhood

by Staff Reporter
19 Aug 2013 at 13:55hrs | Views
An 70-year-old man in Australia has had a 10cm fork pulled from his penis by doctors after the utensil became lodged during a bizarre sexual mishap.

The elderly man told doctors at Canberra Hospital he had inserted the utensil handle-first into his urethra almost 12 hours earlier to arouse himself when it became stuck, the Canberra Times reports.

The fork was not visible from the outside but X-rays revealed its location.

Doctors tried to avoid surgery, instead choosing an option that would minimise urothelial trauma and preserve erectile function.

They retrieved the fork using forceps and "copious lubrication" while the patient was under a general anaesthetic during the delicate operation.

Doctors said embarrassed patients usually attempted to retrieve the item themselves, risking urethral injury and foreign body migration.

The fork case was so rare the team of doctors published a paper on it last month.

The team consisting of Krishanth Naidu, Maurice Mulcahy and Amanda Chung, said they published the man's story to create discussion surrounding the unusual encounter.

According to the paper, albeit rare, the list of strange objects found inside other parts of the body included needles, pencils, wire, allen keys, toothbrushes, light bulbs, thermometers, plants and vegetables, leeches, snakes, cocaine and glue.
Source - Canberra Times