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ZAPU beyonds the shores

by Artwell Ndlovu
09 May 2011 at 04:18hrs | Views
Zimbabwe opposition party ZAPU Europe Province held its Preliminary General meeting at Church of the Martyrs, Leicester on Saturday the 7th May 2011. Delegates came from all over the continent of Europe to review the progress made in the province since the election of Provincial Executive Committee in October 2010. The other business of the meeting was also to discuss the way forward ahead of the Provincial Annual General Meeting to be held later this year.

The atmosphere in the hall was exhilarating. Delegates were singing, dancing, chanting ZAPU slogans. They were also joined by the veteran Mr Johnson Mnkandla, the leader of the National Council of elders on the dance floor.

The meeting opened with the singing of Nkosi sikelela/ Ishe Nkomhorera i-Africa. The Secretary for organisation and Mobilisation Elton Ncube welcomed delegates, thereafter, he handed over to the Provincial Acting chair Panyika A Karimanzira.

The Acting chair Panyika Karimanzira started off by acknowledging the presence of the National Council of Elders, elder Johnson Mkandla, National People's Council members as well as introducing the Provincial Executive Committee members. He reported to delegates the strides made by the ZAPU Europe Province since October 2010.  In his report, he congratulated the Brighton branch as it was the first substantive branch in Europe post ZAPU 9th Congress.  In addition, the Acting chair briefed the meeting about the events taking place across the continent especial UK. For instance, inter-branch meetings in Yorkshire and Humberside, London, East Midlands, West Midlands and North East (Newcastle). More so, North East district had a funding raising party on the 30th April 2011, responding to the president's appeal for resource back home, Zimbabwe.  One of the great challenges the Province had to deal with was the suspension of the chair Arthur Molife and Stephen Drew Secretary for Economic and Development and the crippling effect it had on the ability of the PEC to achieve a quorum in meetings and make long term plans. Members from the floor noted that the suspensions were unprocedural and the meeting resolved that the matter be referred back to the PEC who would in turn write to the Council of Eders with a view to having the suspensions nullified.

The Acting Chairperson also advised the meeting that the PEC was proposing the holding of fresh Provincial elections at the earliest practicable date as a way of giving the province an opportunity for a fresh start. However, the meeting resolved that the incumbent PEC soldiers on and that the elections only be held at the end of its tenure of office.

With regard to the action taken against the chair and the Economic Development Secretary, the out spoken member of the National People's Council Actwell Sibanda said," ZAPU is for the people; therefore, people must decide on such matters".

ZAPU Secretary General Dr Ralph Mguni who did not attend the meeting along with other members of National People Council who are resident of UK  due to family commitment sent a message which was ready by the Secretary for Legal Affair Mr Tribe Mkwebu. In his message, the Secretary General mentioned that the Diaspora Region has now been accepted as a Critical Region of the Party and as being of equal standing with the two Regions in Zimbabwe, namely the Southern and Northern Regions. In addition, the Secretary General acknowledged the progress made by the province.

Artwell Ndlovu
Secretary for Information, Publicity and Marketing
ZAPU Europe Province
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