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Bulawayo City Council Senior Officials conniving with IDBZ and a private developer

by Stephen Jakes
11 Jun 2018 at 12:36hrs | Views
Mthwakazi Republic Party's Parliamentary candidate for Bulawayo East constituency Mbonisi Gumbo who is also the party's Secretary for Information and Publicity was invited by residents in his Constituency precisely in Matshamhlophe Ward four Church of Christ.

The meeting was meant to discuss the illegal awarding of a tender to build over one thousand students hostels in the suburb.

The residents said they have lost faith in the MDC-T led Bulawayo City Council and most of those who attended the meeting made it clear that they won't be voting for MDC because the party has failed the people of Bulawayo.

"They said that the MDC led council is no longer representing the aspirations of the people. We promised the residents that Mthwakazi Republic Party 'MRP' was formed to safeguard, defend, protect and promote the people of Mthwakazi, election or no election we will work for our people, win or lose we will continue to defend this beautiful City of Bulawayo. Bulawayo residents agreed that they wont just let go of the case but will fight tooth and nail to return sanity to BCC. We also have pledged to help the residents and we will stand by them," Gumbo said.

"The residents strongly object to the construction of students' hostel on the following grounds that: The sight of the project is at a low density suburb. The construction of hostels to accommodate 1023 students immediately makes the said area a high density suburb consequently devaluing all surrounding properties. Residents strongly object to a deliberate devaluation of their properties."

Gumbo said equally, the proposed construction of students' accommodation outside National University of Science and Technology 'NUST' is a deliberate move to under develop NUST and by extrapolation under develop Matabeleland. One wonder whether it is not part of the 'infamous' 1979 grand plan.

"When this project first surfaced after the ground breaking ceremony, residents then invited the town clerk, the city engineer and town planner to a meeting. These three officials assured the residents that the ground breaking ceremony was illegal; that they have received an application to that effect and that in fact the piece of land in question was for commercial not residential purposes. The meeting ended on a jovial note," he said.

"This year, residents were very surprised and shocked to learn that the city council of Bulawayo has approved the project. At this day and age, one cannot afford not to smell a rat and what a smell. Mthwakazi Republic Party has pledged to support the residents in taking BCC to the court to stop the said construction that has no benefit to the people of Bulawayo because apart from inconveniencing the Riverside residents both the owner and the contractors are not local Bulawayo residents. The residents of Riverside, Selbone park and Matshamhlophe are very professional and they are taking a very professional route in their objection to the infamous project."

He said this issue is about the value of residents properties and the development of NUST.

"The residents argue that there is a lot of land inside it's property. Mr Felix Moyo the public relations boss at NUST said they are not part of this development. Mr Moyo said the university has enough land to build hostels that can accommodate more than 10 000 students. He further said it's not safe to  have students outside the premises and pointed out that if that project is targeting NUST students very soon it will become a White elephant and a haven for criminals which might compromise the security of local residents," he said.

"MRP was very impressed by Mr Moyo's presentation which actually makes the residents' case a strong one. Shockingly, Mr Felix Moyo  a board member at Environmental Management Agency "EMA" is not even aware of the so called developers application . Which raises suspicion on the operations of BCC management working with some corrupt Councillors."

He said the team MRP stands with our people in this case,we suspect that bribes have exchanged hands between council officials and the developer at the expense of ward four residents.

"Team MRP will leave no stone unturned in this case, corruption is not our culture in the city of Kings and Mthwakazi at large. If need be we will be organising a serious demonstration against this project. Lastly the residents also complained that crime has increased in Bulawayo East constituency and pirate taxis are also involved in crime, residents want NUST to put private security around NUST. Further, there are issues of security for the students in a situation where 1023 students versus the busy Gwanda High Way. In a high way, motorist must travel unimpeded at the designated speed," he said.

"Vote #TeamMRP for MPs and Councillors in Bulawayo, Matabeleland North, South and Midlands give us the much needed political power with your Vote. Let's get working together as Bulawayo people and restore our pride."

Source - Byo24News