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Mohadi's married lover feared he would overdose on sex booster

by Staff reporter
16 Feb 2021 at 10:54hrs | Views
Vice President Kembo Mohadi's married young lover warned him he would overdose on an aphrodisiac as he prepared himself for some action in bed.

The 71-year-old took two cups of the concoction to rouse his equipment ahead of a night of passion with his security aide Abbigal Mumpande, a leaked phone call between the two lovers reveals.

Abbigal's husband, Jacob Mumpande, on Sunday confronted Mohadi for an hour at his residence in Harare, during which the vice president apologised.

Mumpande also demanded that his wife be transferred from Mohadi's Munhumutapa Building office as the couple tries to save their marriage.

The recorded call, which was sent anonymously to ZimLive, begins with Mohadi asking Abbigal if he is still in the office or has gone out for lunch, to which she replies that she is still in the office.

Mohadi, who referred to Abbigal as "my wife" in another phone call, tells his lover that he called to tell her that he loves her, and his mind is made up forever.

A smitten Abbigal laughs approvingly, then turns her attentions to their planned rendezvous later, asking Mohadi: "Linathile yini into leyana? (Have you drank that stuff?)"

"Yes I have, I drank two cups," Mohadi says.

His response surprises Abbigal who warns her elderly lover: "You will overdose."

"It's not that sour," Mohadi says, as if to assure her.

A review of the exchange gives an impression that Abbigal supplied the sex-enhancing substance.

Both Jacob and Abbigal are employed by the Central Intelligence Organisation and work at Munhumutapa Building. Jacob is usually on screening duties for visitors to the building, which also houses President Emmerson Mnangagwa's office, while Abbigal has similar duties upstairs in Mohadi's office.

The leaked phone calls will embarrass Mohadi, who was said to have sustained a cut on his head after a mystery second woman who was in the house during his raucous showdown with Mumpande attacked him, accusing him of being unfaithful.

Security sources say the vice president frequented the US$240-a-night Amanzi Lodge where he romped with Abbigal before the two lovers both went home, she returning to her husband.

Mohadi divorced Tambudzani Muleya, his wife of over 30 years in 2017 before moving in with Juliet Mutavhatsindi, who has left him over alleged infidelity.

Mohadi's office declined requests for an interview, as rumours swell over nudes the vice president allegedly sent to Abbigal, who worked in the NGO sector in Binga before she was recruited as a spy.

Source - zimlive
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