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Recalled MDC-T councillor pardoned

by Staff reporter
05 Mar 2021 at 06:25hrs | Views
A LUPANE councillor is set to officially resume his duties after the MDC-T withdrew a letter recalling him from the Kusile Rural District Council (KRDC), Southern Eye has learnt.

June Mpofu had challenged his "erroneous" recall from the KRDC by the opposition party in September last year.

Mpofu, a ward 15 councillor, was recalled from the Kusile RDC on grounds that he was a member of the MDC Alliance.

He, however, denied the claims insisting that he belonged to the MDC-T now led by Douglas Mwonzora.

Mpofu was recalled alongside Thabani Dube of ward 19 in Lupane. KRDC chairperson Christopher Tshuma on Wednesday confirmed to Southern Eye that Mpofu's recall had been withdrawn.

"It has been withdrawn. We have received a letter from the MDC-T to the effect that his recall was an error. We (council) will talk to Mpofu advising him of this new development," Tshuma said.

Mpofu said he was still in the dark on the issue after he received reports that he would be barred from attending a council meeting today.

"I have been informed about the full council meeting on Friday (today).

"I was not invited to the meeting and I got some information that they were planning to close doors for us. That is what I will challenge on the fateful day (today)," Mpofu said.

In January, the KRDC chairperson wrote to Mpofu informing him that his seat was vacant.

"The vacancy is with immediate effect and the council will process any allowances that are due to you at the date of this letter," Tshuma's letter dated January 25, read.

However, Mpofu in a letter to Tshuma dated February 22, argued otherwise insisting that he remained councillor for Matshiya.

"The so-called letter of recall has since been seen to be erroneous and therefore is a nullity ...

"On the basis of the above development, Matshiya ward, therefore, has no vacancy for a councillor. I shall, therefore, continue to execute my duties as councillor for ward 15," Mpofu wrote.

MDC-T secretary-general Paurina Mpariwa wrote to Local Government minister July Moyo informing him that: "We advise you that the two (Lupane councillors) concerned councillors were erroneously included on our list.

"They, in fact, belonged to the MDC led by Welshman Ncube.

"Therefore, the MDC-T has no authority to recall the said councillors. As such, their recall is a nullity at law and has to be reversed."

Source - newsday