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Zanu-PF leadership clashes with Chief Chipuriro

by Tarisai Mudahondo in Guruve
23 Aug 2021 at 07:47hrs | Views
Zanu-PF secretary for youth inNyama district in Guruve, ward one Fladdy Mutinha has  clashed  with Chief Chipuriro who is reportedly  invading villagers' properties.

Speaking to he said," Chief Chipuriro is targeting Zanu-PF youths and our properties are being taken without concrete evidence."

He added that last week  the chief  advanced to their  Penrose farms.

Village head Wellington Chiparanyanga confirmed that the terror continues for tobbaco farmers as the chief demands properties or money for cutting trees.

Contacted for comment Chief Chipuriro's spokesperson one Chiunda denied the allegations that the chief is evading people's properties.

"Those are mere lies nothing like that is happening here people enjoy talking baseless stories what the chief only does is to summon people to the village court and they are asked to pay according to their crimes," Chiunda said

"On the issue of cutting down trees the chief only delegated that people are only allowed to cut down trees in their farms  to avoid excessive cutting down of trees around the area".

Source - Byo24News