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Hosiah Chipanga wants to be Mnangagwa's advisor

by Staff reporter
22 Oct 2022 at 00:39hrs | Views
For many Zimbabweans, Hosiah Chipanga is a musician, whose long career has been overshadowed by his contemporaries like Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mtukudzi, among others.

Here and there, he has released hit songs that have made him a master of satire.

And, yet, to many others, he is a lay preacher who has tried to spread the word of God.

And, yet again, to some he is a 70-year-old politician, whose party the Patriotic Zimbabwe has only contributed political humour. Nothing more nothing less.

Last week, Chipanga met with President Mnangagwa at a Zanu-PF rally in yonder Mutasa in Manicaland and he was ecstatic to the point of disbanding his political party, thereafter.

"I will no longer contest elections in 2023. I will vote for President Mnangagwa. My party was a trick to make me meet the President of my country.  

 "For the past 40 years I have tried by all means known to me to meet the President of my country, the late and the current one to no avail. I was very elated to meet with President Mnangagwa at Beaulieu Primary School in Mutasa South constituency.  It was an emotional moment for me since I was yearning to see him for some time now," says Chipanga.

But Chipanga is an enigma. When you interview him, at times he breaks into song to answer to questions. How funny?

He said President Mnangagwa shocked him by his humbleness.

"Years back, it was not easy to get such an opportunity. When we met in Mutasa, I told him about my intentions to meet him privately and he said why not? Since he was busy, he advised me to come to Harare to fulfil my wishes. I was so happy, when he granted me the opportunity and I have already started working towards meeting him."

Kwachu kwachu as he is affectionately known by his legion of fans and colleagues in the music circles, Chipanga is seeking a one-on-one with President Mnangagwa to deliver what he termed a special message.

 "I will not contest as a leader of an opposition party in the 2023 harmonised elections. I entered into politics as a way of getting a platform to meet with the First Citizen. How can I stand as an opposition leader when my wishes are fulfilled?"

Mr Chipanga hopes to meet the President at a date to be advised, to deliver his special message.

He also claims that he has a blueprint and a vision for the country's future, which he wishes to share with the President.

"Mwari vakapindira (God has intervened). This is the greatest day of my life. It is not a secret that I longed for this day. I waited for so many years to meet President Mnangagwa.

"It is only God who has made it possible and I am forever grateful. It was God's time.

"Although we did not have much time to talk, this was a mission accomplished. One of the reasons I formed a political party was to ensure that my messages would be heard by the people and the President.

 "Besides being a social commentator who conveys messages through music, I believe being a politician has made me a sought after musician. I managed to talk to him and I am convinced that he is a listening President," said Mr Chipanga.

The President was addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at Beaulieu Primary School during victory celebrations for Advocate Misheck Mugadza who won the Mutasa South National Assembly seat during the March 26 by-elections.

Artistes such as Baba Harare, Peter Moyo and Simon Muchita, among others, also got the opportunity to meet the President.

However, Mr Chipanga was the happiest of them all.

It was a golden moment for him

The veteran musician promised to release an album Denga Idzva Nenyika Idzva" as a Christmas gift to the President and his legion of fans.

 "I do not intend to contest in any election, I am old enough to play an advisory role. I wish to be one of President Mnangagwa's advisors. Soon I will meet him."

Source - The Herald