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Jonathan Moyo receives death 'threats' after Kasukuwere comments

by Staff reporter
28 Nov 2022 at 05:00hrs | Views
Exiled former cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said Sunday he had received death threats after his comments about fellow exile Saviour Kasukuwere's leadership ambitions.

The erstwhile Zanu-PF G-40 faction drivers appear to have bitterly fallen out as they follow different pathways five ways after barely managing to escape into exile as former President Robert Mugabe was ousted by a military coup.

Prof Moyo and ex-cabinet colleague Patrick Zhuwao recently issued a public apology to Zanu-PF members in what was seen as part of a bid to rejoin the ruling party.

For his part, Kasukuwere (also known as Tyson) – and in apparent reference to Moyo and Zhuwao's move, said he would never apologise, indicating instead that he was ready to lead the country.

Said Prof Moyo on Twitter; "Someone just sent me an audacious life-threatening message on WhatsApp simply because I defended myself against his gratuitous public political attack. In politics, there are no sacred cows, and no person has a title deed on Zimbabwe. Accordingly, necessary steps have been taken!

"It is not right that some people – in opposition ranks – think Zimbabwe is theirs alone; that only they have political interests, and have exclusive rights to engage the stae; that other Zimbabweans must stay dumb & leave politics to them, even when they're gratuitously provoked!

"The idea of a God chosen one leader or of a one-party opposition – or of some self-proclaimed descendant of Nehanda, destined to rule Zimbabwe come rain or shine – is as repugnant and unacceptable as the idea of a one-party state: you cannot oppose the one, to support the other!," Says Moyo.

The threat was issued after Moyo scorned Kasukuwere's public pretence that he would never apologise to Zanu-PF.

"It's cheap for Tyson to make hay out of the open ‘apology letter' Patrick Zhuwao and I wrote. Our letter is public and is to Zanu-PF members; unlike his private ‘APOLOGY CATTLE' to a Zanu-PF bigwig.

"Meanwhile, when it suits him, Tyson associates himself with our letter."

Source - NewZimbabwe