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Zimbabwe's CIO agents arrests Indian Special Forces top gun in dramatic fashion

by Staff reporter
06 Mar 2024 at 04:50hrs | Views
Sudhu Sarup Singh, a prominent figure within the Indian Special Forces Unit active in Zimbabwe, has been apprehended by operatives from the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

Singh's arrest occurred shortly after's exposé on the Unit's operations, following thorough investigations by the CIO. The arrest transpired during a sting operation at a prestigious restaurant in Harare, where Singh was socializing with unidentified individuals.

Despite their deployment in Mozambique's conflict-ridden Cabo Delgado region, where they were supporting the government's efforts against insurgents, the presence of these highly-trained soldiers in Zimbabwe raised significant suspicions.

Singh initially portrayed himself as an investor upon arrival, even meeting with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, before engaging in clandestine activities under the radar.

Sources within the CIO indicated that Singh was detained at Borrowdale Police Station, with the possibility of facing charges yet to be determined by, or, if fortunate, deportation.

His daughter, whose name was not disclosed, is also under the scrutiny of the CIO and is expected to be arrested and deported, being one of the over 100 Indians allegedly smuggled into the country by Singh.

According to an insider, Singh was apprehended on Tuesday at a prominent restaurant in Avondale, subsequently taken into custody at Borrowdale Police Station.

The Unit operated using vehicles labeled "Indian Special Forces," adorned with slogans such as "We Dare The Impossible" and "We Are The Fearless."

NV Distilleries, reportedly headed by Ashok Jain, has been closely associated with these individuals, who allegedly received guidance from a former Cabinet Minister.

Benefiting from unrestricted access to essential raw materials for their purported investments in mining and chemical production, they reportedly enjoyed a level of protection from the former Minister based in the Midlands.

The Minister, when approached by a local publication, stated that his involvement was limited to facilitating their meeting with Mnangagwa.

Source - The Chronicle
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