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'Mysterious' bus dumped along Zimbabwe Road

by Staff reporter
22 Jun 2024 at 11:44hrs | Views
In Mutoko, Zimbabwe, a red Hino 500 bus with South African registration plates has been abandoned on the roadside, approximately 30 km before Mutoko Centre. The bus, which once boasted a vibrant red color, now shows signs of weathering with its paint faded and chipped. It has been left there for over eight months, despite promises from its owner, currently in South Africa, to remove it.

Local villagers, perplexed by its presence, have reported strange occurrences around the area. According to George Denga, who lives nearby, the bus mysteriously changed positions one night, despite assurances from the owner that it would be moved safely. The bus, originally carrying 120 passengers from Malawi en route to South Africa, broke down due to a crankshaft fault. Some passengers chose to remain in Mutoko, seeking refuge in Denga's field until they could continue their journey.

The bus's engine has been removed by its crew, leaving behind its interior intact but with an open bonnet. The villagers have taken precautions, such as setting up a fireguard around the bus to protect it from veld fires.

Reports from another villager suggest that the bus had 21 traditional healers among its passengers when it stopped in Mutoko. Allegedly, the bus encountered another mechanical issue in Mozambique before being abandoned. Despite concerns about theft, smaller parts like wipers and nuts remain intact.

Isaac Tasikani, Mutoko South legislator, confirmed the bus's presence and mentioned it is being monitored by a local family. Mickey Mhingidzi, a former Zanu-PF Mashonaland East youth league spokesperson, urged authorities to address the issue of abandoned buses along the highway.

Interestingly, less than 20 km away lies another infamous abandoned bus, a luxurious Volvo bus known locally as the "talking" bus, which has been stationary near Magaya bus stop since 2019. This bus, owned by a Malawian national, has also survived vandalism and theft attempts.

The presence of these abandoned buses has sparked curiosity and concern among locals and travelers alike, raising questions about their longevity and the circumstances surrounding their abandonment. Despite being exposed and vulnerable, both buses have managed to avoid significant damage, prompting superstitious beliefs among villagers.

In conclusion, the fate of these abandoned buses remains unresolved, with calls for action from local authorities to address their removal and prevent potential hazards along the highway.

Source - newsday