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Country in perpetual crisis, but Zanu PF govt allocates paltry 9,8 m towards elections

by Stephen Jakes
18 Dec 2016 at 05:55hrs | Views
Transform Zimbabwe party has expressed concerns over Zanu PF government allocating $9,8 million toward the running of election at the time when the country faces scriopling economic crisis.

"Our country needs serious and absolute change and all the citizens are looking to 2018 for that change. As Citizens, we are hoping that 2018 will give ALL OF US a chance to express ourselves peacefully through the ballot box. However, with the new budget presented by Finance Minister Chinamasa it is very clear that the Robert Mugabe and the Zanu PF led government are not interested in election reform or affording Zimbabweans Free and Fair Elections," said the party in a communication on social media.

" All signs point to the same symptom: A government with leaders who are not interested in the needs of the People or Voter concerns. To put things into perceptive the Defense ministry was allocated US$340,5 million, Home Affairs which manages Zimbabwe Republic Police budget was allocated $364 million for total of $704 million dollars between the TWO SECURITY ministries. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has been allocated a paltry $9.8 million."

The [party said on that paltry 9.8 million dollars ZEC must conduct voter education and voter registration whose estimated cost is $100million dollars.

The government allocated defence $340,5 m, Home Affairs $364 m, and ZEC 9,8m.

"It appears the Zanu PF government is more interested in building the police and military force to oppress the people than they are in building a democracy. The message to the Zimbabwean people from the Zanu PF government is crystal clear, Zanu PF would rather rule by FORCE than peaceful DEMOCRATIC MEANS. Zimbabwe is a nation which fought for liberation of its people so everyone regardless of sex, tribe, race would have the same rights and freedoms. Part of that freedom meant the ability to choose our leaders not to have our leaders imposed on US. With each day that passes the Zanu PF regime continues to erode the rights and freedoms of the people. They have failed to LEAD so They Chose to RULE," said the party.

"We as citizens must work together and fight peacefully for our rights as the right to VOTE is embedded in our constitution. We must hold the government accountable and remind them that the promise of 1980 must be fulfilled and fulfilling that promise begins by Citizens expressing themselves freely through the ballot box. The issue of affording ALL citizens the right to vote IS A VERY serious ISSUE which must be given the SERIOUSNESS it deserves."

The patry said allocating $9.8 million dollars to such an important issue is a SLAP in FACES of the Zimbabwean people. Minister Chinamasa, his Financial Team and Whole Zanu PF leadership must re orient themselves with the Constitution and Electoral ACT and do some serious soul searching on the meaning of patriotism. It is very evident they (Chinamasa and Zanu PF) have become ignorant of the Foundation and Fundamentals of what our Nation is supposed to be built on," said the party.

"IT is our job as leaders to support and Empower every Zimbabwean, voter education and voter registration are a very important part of the empowerment process. Minister Chinamasa and Zanu PF must review the budget again and allocate the required resources. We as political party and our other opposition comrades will do our part in demanding a review and a serious approach towards the Election Budget. We urge all citizens to demand a review of the election budget item. IT IS OUR JOB as citizens to REMIND the Zanu PF government that CITIZENS are the NATION."

Source - Byo24News