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Mudede digs in

by Staff reporter
05 Feb 2017 at 07:13hrs | Views
The University of Zimbabwe Creative Writing Press Club recently hosted Tobaiwa Mudede (Registrar-General of Zimbabwe) and Richard Hondo who delivered a 3-hour presentation on their recently polemical book titiled; "Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and Population control drugs in developing countries."

It was a candid and mind-opening discussion as the two widely elaborated on the tragic effects of the so called "modern family planning contraceptives and genetically modified organisms."

The book materialized as a consequence of an intense media debate between GMO\birth control drugs advocates and the adherents of alternative birth control methods.

Mudede and Hondo adamantly maintain that promotion of birth control drugs by Western governments via donor conduits is a clandestine ploy designed to depopulate and incapacitate under-developed countries.

The two vividly recounted how in 1929 Margaret Sanger, an American lady of German origin conceived insidious but enticing birth control programs among disadvantaged black communities in America resulting in disastrous effects on blacks. Sanger's program was obviously and conveniently rendered official policy by Western countries. In the same vein, Henry Kissinger in the 1970s armed birth control drug manufactures so that they could flood developing countries with free population control drugs.

The devilish objective was to slowly but silently kill complicit victims through cancer, obesity and hypertension which are proven side effects of the said drugs.

"As senior citizens, we have seen physical and emotional distress accompanied by drug induced diseases wreaks havoc on the populations of developing countries over the years, slowly but surely, a creation of the developed world if the truth must be said." said Mudede.

The eye-brow raising lecture was graced by students, teachers from Mabelreign Girls High School, academics and authors. Prominent guests included UZ English Department Chairperson Dr Ruby Magosvongwe and renowned author and lecturer Memory Chirere.

Mudede and Hondo denounced "modern family planning methods" such as Depo-Provera, Norplant, Jadelle as a weapon attacking women's health and general procreation.

A shocking tale of horrific side effects caused by modern family planning methods was given.

As a remedy to avert the developing demographic crisis, alternative birth control methods such as abstaining from sexual intercourse during the woman's fertile phase of the menstrual cycle and the withdrawal technique including herbal remedies were recommended.

Mudede further counseled people to abstain from cheap condoms which contain some fluids harmful to health.

Several women shared touching testimonies on the injurious effects of modern planning methods (Hormone based contraceptives).

Women attested that modern family planning methods sometimes caused excessive bleeding, loss of libido, poor eye sight, headaches, kidney failures and obesity. "Doctors give contraceptives to women today and treat the side effects tomorrow," said one.

The women bluntly preferred the advantages of alternative family spacing methods such as availability, accessibility, affordability, safety and efficacy of our generational and cultural based means and values.

Hondo said depo-provera was first administered on black-Americans until realizing that they were being duped leading to litigation against the manufacturers of the drugs yielding huge sums of money. Paradoxically, though the drug was banned in the US it is still in use in Zimbabwe and other developing countries. "We are slowly being killed with our consent," regretted Hondo.

Hondo said, UK with a population of about 70 million people, squashed in a little space possess compelling reasons to enjoy the luxury of birth control measures than Zimbabwe which is clearly under populated.

On GMOs, Mudede said all genes in GMO foods are not digested in the Gastro-Internal Tract (GIT) because they are indigestible. They enter the blood stream where they essentially interfere with normal genetic process.

Participants at the event expressed gratitude to Mr Mudede and Hondo for their enlightening and life-saving health pointers. Life is a one-time offer, use it well.

Source - sundaymail
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