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Prophet lied about the healing of a street man

by Stephen Jakes
29 Mar 2017 at 06:49hrs | Views
Berina Community Radio Station has reported that a Rimuka prophet who claimed to have healed a known street man and announced that relatives can come and collected him was misinforming the public as the boy is still in the same condition.

"Contrary to assertions by a Norton self-claimed prophet that was carried by a local weekly last year asserting that one of Kadoma's famous sons Zuze was completely "healed" and was now living normal life and was now waiting for his relatives to come and take him home,Berina Community Radio can reveal that Zuze was not "healed" and is still living on the street in Rimuka," the station reported.

"Zuze who has lived all his life at Rimuka Shopping Centre was born some fifty years ago to a Mozambican-origin parents. His father once worked at South Road Service Station and was born in a family of six and the family had a house along Rukanzakanza street in Machimbini area."

The station said when both parents and two brothers and a sister died,Zuze was left to stay with two of his other brothers, Rocky and Mavo who used to work for Clive Kanyemba during the cinema era who were pupils at Mupamombe Primary School while Zuze stayed home because he was dumb.

"After independence when the government embarked on upgrading of Machimbini houses,Zuze and his brothers were allocated a four-roomed house along Nyandoro Street but an unscrupulous Kadoma City Council employee took advantage of the family and took over the house and the Zuzes were taken to General Blocks (GB)," reported the station.

"When Mavo moved out of Kadoma to look for employment Zuze was left with Rocky, who was now selling roasted maize at the Harare-Bulawayo Bus Terminus (paManjoro) who also later died living Zuze with no one to take of him and Zuze had to resort to live at the shopping centre."

Berina Radio indicated that according to one old woman who knew Zuze's parents way back in the sixties, she said that Zuze is not mentally-I'll but was born dumb.

"I know Zuze from infancy,he was not born with any mental-illness problem but was only dumb and during that time there were no or only a few school's for people living with that nature,so his parents had no option but to live like that and if the powers be,Zuze needs a good home and with proper care he will be "healed"!"said the old lady

Source - Byo24News