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LIVE: Mugabe meets Zanu-PF youths in Mutare

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16 Jun 2017 at 10:16hrs | Views
PRESIDENT Mugabe this afternoon addresses thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare during the second leg of the Presidential Youth Interface Rallies launched in Mashonaland East province on June 2 at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera.

16:05 - The Youth League has presented a portrait to the First family and this ends the proceedings here at Sakubva marking the end of our updates. Thank you for joining us. Join the discussion below on the topics raised by the President in his address. Good day.

15:58 - Zanu-Pf provincial chairperson Samuel Undenge takes to the podium to give vote of thanks.

15: 52 - President Mugabe wraps up his address by emphasizing unity, asserting that: "Once you have been bought you have sold out the party. If you (Chipanga), agree to be bought you are showing your lack of direction because those below you will be watching and will lose respect."

We thank you as Chiefs and please may you continue like that….meanwhile seniors fighting for positions must do that without involving the youths. Give them assistance yes but don't lead them astray. I thank you for the respect you give me.

15:45 - I want to thank the youths for the Million Man March and while others thought it would not be a success they were left with an egg on their faces. Now you have brought up this program (The Presidential Youth Interface Rallies programme) . . .I appreciate it. This is a sign that the youth are united, which I do not see amongst the seniors in the party.

15:41 - I know Manicaland province has grievances against the Chinese regarding the share ownership scheme. i was made to walk with a dummy cheque. We had our disagreement and that is why government has taken over (diamond mining). They went to court but lost and I promise that when we start mining those promises will be fulfilled.

15:40 - President Mugabe thanks the chiefs for showing the youth how to perform traditional rites urging them to continue safeguarding the country's traditions.

 15:32 - We were never bought to fight our seniors like Joshua Nkomo . . .I implore you not to be bought off by ministers so that you support them.

15:31 - People are still harvesting the corn and now we are concentrating on wheat so that we stop depending on imports from (other countries).

15:20 - President Mugabe explains that Command Agriculture and the presidential inputs scheme gave the country a bumper harvest. "Today we can not forget that like what others want. Some war veterans were included in the Civil Service while others were included in the army, police, the Central Intelligence Organization and even the Correctional Services (Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service) and headed by veterans of the war.

15:10 - "We also acknowledge that there are other people who who were detained during the war as well as ordinary people who gave their all for the cause. Let's stop denigrating and forgetting the efforts of the government. We had goals and these aims have always been about helping the people.

He says, "Let there be no war veterans who claim that we did not do anything for them because when we resettled people after independence we ensured 20 per cent of the land acquired would go to veterans. Even when we expropriated land, we gave them."

15::06 - "We looked at our country and sought our economy strengths and the land was the most important and that is why we embarked on the land reform," says President Mugabe.

He says, "Let there be no war veterans who claim that we did not do anything for them because when we resettled people after independence we ensured 20 per cent of the land acquired would go to veterans. Even when we expropriated land, we gave them."

15:03 - When we won independence we did not rest on our laurels but we told ourselves that it is a weapon that we can now use to uplift our people.

14:59 - "We did not denounce those that came with the Bible but we encouraged them to acknowledge our freedom and independence!

14:54 - "The war of liberation would not have been won if we were not united. We now have the land as well as freedom . . .you saw our chiefs taking us through a traditional rite but we did not denounce Christianity and I want to assure Bishop Manhanga  and others that this religion can also add onto our own beliefs," says President Mugabe.

14:50 - President Mugabe takes to the podium after the crowd danced to Jah Prayzah's hit "Mdara Achauya" and he emphatically says "Mdara Auya!" The President thanks the other wings of the party for supporting the Presidential Youth Interface Rallies . . .

14:38 - "The unity of purpose being shown here should be maintained because that is the way we can keep the party and country together. I hope these meetings will leave the provinces more united and I pray God blesses you," says Amai Mugabe.

14:36 - Dr Grace Mugabe is now at the podium. She chants party slogans urging Zanu-Pf to remain united . She says youths should refuse to be used by seniors in the party for selfish gains.

14:31 - "I thank Morgan Tsvangirai for accepting defeat before the elections because when one threatens people with violence it's a sign of a defeated man," asserts Cde Chipanga.

"Your excellency 2018 should deal a decisive blow to all opposition parties and they have done us a favour by forming a coalition.

14:28 - "We thank you … for introducing various projects in the province… The youths need programmes aimed towards their needs especially farming inputs. Youths are grateful for the dualization of the Chirundu-Beitbridge road but we hope we don't see other nationals taking even the menial jobs," says Cde Chipanga. He urges President Mugabe to acquire all white owned farms in Manicaland.

14:25 - Chipanga says President Mugabe is the "ange" Gabriel and won't change. He says they are two issues which include the need for the youths to register to vote. And the second being to vote for Angel Gabriel Mugabe!

14:16 - Meanwhile Hamandishe invites Chipanga to introduce members of the Politburo.

14:10 - A Mozambican traditional dance group is showcasing it's dances as the crowd wait for President Mugabe's address.

14:07 - At Sakubva Stadium Zanu - PF Youth League political commissar Innocent Hamandishe is the Master of Ceremony.

13:39 - Mugabe has arrived at the stadium accompanied by the First Lady Dr Amai Mugabe and Kudzai Chipanga as they wave to the crowd in the stadium.

Mugabe speech at Dangamvura Community Information Centre (Bottom to top) :

13:13 - President Mugabe is now presenting computers to different school heads from Dangamvura.

13:10 - President Mugabe thanks the ICT Ministry for choosing him to open the community Information Centre adding that the centre should be taken care of.

13:05 - President Mugabe says Zanu-PF is united and those with ambition to lead should know how to seek leadership in a proper manner. He says it is an issue he will address at the Sakubva rally. He praises the ICT Ministry and POTRAZ (Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) for funding the forth-coming installation of Internet in schools.

12:59 - His Excellency says the first Information Center  was in Murombedzi (Mashonaland West) and his hope is that the ICT Ministry should work hand in hand with the education ministry to fulfill the national goals. He laments the abuse of the internet whereby young people are copying foreign cultures as well as abusing others online media platforms.

12:56 - President Mugabe starts by congratulating  the ICT Ministry as well as the community of Manicaland.

---- Mugabe speech at Dangamvura Community Information Centre ----

Mugabe arrives in Dangamvura to officially open Information Centre.

The Ego has landed - President Mugabe arrives in Mutare

10:37 - A group of Zanu-PF supporters is keeping guests entertained here singing revolutionary songs

After officially opening the information centre President Mugabe will proceed to Sakubva Stadium where he is expected to address thousands who have already filled the venue to capacity.

10:53 - Thousands of Zanu-PF supporters have thronged Sakubva Stadium, and the venue is already full with thousands of other supporters still queuing outside. Various musical groups are attending the huge crowd.  Information Minister Dr Chris Mushohwe and Zanu PF secretary for Youth Affairs Kudzi Chipanga are already at the venue.

10:55 - The Mozambican delegation led by the Manica Governor Alberto Ricardo Mondlane has arrived at Sakubva Stadium.

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