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Gwanda killer disowns statement

by Staff reporter
08 Jul 2017 at 07:21hrs | Views
A MAN from Gwanda who was allegedly killed a homeless man and decapitated his head and removed his private parts a fortnight ago yesterday disowned his warned and cautioned statement saying he was tortured by the police.

Honest Moyo (22) of Mawane area in Guyu but residing at Capital Block farm in Colleen Bawn alleged in court that police left out crucial elements in the statement.

He was in court for the confirmation of his warned and cautioned statement before Gwanda magistrate, Mr Obedience Matare.

The confirmation was done in camera.

The magistrate ordered even the Press to vacate the gallery.

The new development led to Mr Matare not confirming the statement.

Initially, Moyo had allegedly said to the police: "I deny the allegations being levelled against me that of killing a certain man who is unknown to me and whose name I don't know."

He said he was looking for lost cattle in Colleen Bawn when he came across a dead person who had been stabbed at the back of the head.

"I then took some parts, the head and testicles. I went and collected some tools, a pick and a shovel, and dug a pit which I covered with soil after having placed him inside. I went out in search of the person who wanted these parts. His name is Cosmas Zhou and he was panning at Geelong Mine in Colleen Bawn," read the statement.

"Having failed to locate him, I took the head and the testicles and placed them in a bag and went on to board transport to my communal home in Mawane.

When I went to check on the parts, I was found by my cousin, my maternal uncle's child, Thandolwenkosi. He instructed me to throw them away. I threatened him with assault. He got angry and got out saying he was going to his home. He then went and called elders one of whom is Mgcini. I had been promised $25 000."

In court yesterday, Moyo disowned the statement and said police left crucial elements particularly that "he did not kill but found people killing the deceased, who ran away."

Moyo told the court: "I made the statement, but what is written in the statement is not wholly correct.

"I told the police that I saw people killing the deceased but they ran away when they saw me. They left out the crucial element that I saw the killers."

Mr Matare asked him if he made the statement freely and voluntarily without undue influence.

"I was not that free. I was harassed when I made the statement. They were slapping me, throwing me about, even into thorns. It's police officers who were doing this," replied Moyo.

Mr Matare remanded Moyo in custody to July 21.

Moyo is facing allegations of killing a mental patient, popularly known as Mduna in Colleen Bawn.

He was again not formally charged with the murder.

Allegations are that on June 20, Moyo found the now deceased Mduna near Colleen Bawn dumpsite.

He allegedly killed and decapitated him. Moyo also cut off his testicles.

The court heard that he buried the body in a shallow grave at the dumpsite.

He allegedly packed the head and the testicles in his bag and took them to his rural home in Mawane.

Villagers apprehended Moyo and handed him over to the police.

He is facing another case of attempted murder in which he allegedly axed a fellow herd boy in an argument.

The matter did not go to trial since the complainant's whereabouts were unknown and Moyo is off remand.

He came to court on the matter under Colleen Bawn CR 08/06/16.

Source - chronicle