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Chamisa likely to be future Zim President Analyst

by Stephen Jakes
20 Sep 2017 at 06:43hrs | Views
A political analyst Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo has said MDC-T Vice President Nelson Chamisa is highly likely to be the future President of Zimbabwe given his leadership qualities.

"Despite political growing consensus in Zimbabwe, Chamisa is likely to be the future President of this country given the leadership qualities he bestows. Age is on his side, he has managed himself very well, and he has political tolerance across the political divide. Chamisa is perceived to be very tolerant even within the military and other security apparatus, given this level of political tolerance he has it may help the opposition to grab power in future. He has managed to fit in all classes of society," he said.

"He has proved to be a leader despite the internal criticism he has been facing since MDC was formed but he has managed to pass through the test. What Chamisa needs to do is to be a careful listener, he must play his ball close to his chest and never allow the enemy to use him. The events that took place this week clearly shows that Tsvangirai favours his deputy amongst his other two deputies. When Tsvangirai was airlifted to SA, he left the chairmanship of the alliance with Chamisa, even though some other key players were present."

He said there is a strong belief that Morgan Tsvangirai is grooming the young barrister.

"This may have not gone down politically with those who were present but the meeting carried the day with Chamisa at the helm of the party. By appointing the other two deputies, Mudzuri and Chamisa is a clear indication that Chamisa is the most favoured and tipped for the top job. What Chamisa needs to do now is to be careful on how he handles the pressure of the political dynamics of the party. With the remaining few stalwarts in the MDC party, Chamisa is the only remaining candidate who can do better interms of administration. Chamisa is a very hard working person, looking from where he came from, he has direction and he is focused," he said.

"He has managed to build himself in a more diplomatic and responsible person. We need people like Chamisa given the state of our country, it has so many problems and it needs someone who is business minded, with strong credentials for leadership. Tsvangirai would not want to give power to any person considering the rebellion that was in the party before. Mudzuri could be a good candidate, but he could be also perceived to be an enemy of the struggle, considering that he once wrote a damaging letter to Tsvangirai and previously he was accused to be working with Zanu PF, especially in business circles."

He said Khupe is good, but her challenge is tribal ethnics, and at the same time, her internal struggles with Tsvangirai may find it difficult with Tsvangirai supporters who may perceive her as rebellious and indiscipline, and she may fell out of favour with people.

"Chamisa has never fought Morgan openly, he has never challenged Tsvangirai and this may favour him. Age wise Chamisa is okay, he is still young and this will give him time, to consolidate his power base and also the experience he has as a young turkey in the organization may help him to build the party to maturity level. Unlike other politicians, Chamisa has done exceptionally very well on the issue of morality," he said.

"Most politicians have fell by the way side because of women, but Chamisa despite holding high offices both in the Government and in the party he has proved to be a responsible young man setting a good standard for young people in society. Chamisa did well in Government when he was the minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). His performance was above board, and even Mugabe himself commended him. Tsvangirai has managed to travel with Nelson to strong political assignments out of the country, he has accompanied his boss to several diplomatic and party assignments within and outside the country."

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of SIPAR TRUST (Southern Institute of Policy Analysis and Research) a local Think Tank that is responsible for Research Policy and Analysis.

He is also an academic, researcher and political analyst based in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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