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MLF rebukes Masuku for playing sycophancy politics with Genocide

by Stephen Jakes
30 Jan 2018 at 07:28hrs | Views
Mthawakazi Liberation Front spokesperson Crispen Nyoni has rapped Bulawayo Provincial affairs minister Angeline Masuku over her effort to silence people of Matabeleland from speaking about Gukurahundi.

He said Gukurahundi Genocide issues have brought unity among the peoples of Mthwakazi. He said this issue brings cohesion and agreement in blaming the perpetrators of it who are at pains in trying to deny wrongdoing.

"While most Mthwakazi peoples have raised their voices high in condemning Zanu-PF for that barbaric act, it is amazing to hear people like the Zimbabwean Junta Min, Angeline Masuku telling people to forget about it. If barking for one's supper drags one to behave like that, then Zanu-PF politics is highly toxic because it toxifies even those who were subjected to torture and near-death circumstances-such as elder Zimbabwean Junta Min Angeline Masuku. It is said silence is golden sometimes which she should have thought, before subjecting herself to ridicule," Nyoni said.

"The Zimbabwean Junta Min Angeline Masuku should have evaded using the burial event of Pastor Mabhena to expose herself to scrutiny about her uselessness to Mthwakazi issues. This is no issue to wish away but confront head on and absolve herself if she was innocent as we think she is innocent.  No one who participated in these killings shall be spared not even those who think are the most powerful and have state machinery behind their backs. As people of Mthwakazi, we shall ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to genocide-, the worst crime in human history."

He said nowhere in the world have perpetrators of such heinous crimes invaded justice and Zimbabwe is certainly no exception.

"We cannot just move forward, as Mnangagwa assumes as if nothing ever happened. It must be made clear and abundantly so to all and sundry that there is no way such people can be entrusted with our lives and those of our children and generations to come. We therefore challenge to any platform all the implicated murderers to come clean of their crimes if they can because the net is clearly closing them in. We shall not rest and there can never be any meaningful peace if this case is not resolved truthfully and justly. We shall not seek to exalt daylight murderers for whatever gains- they simply must face justice and accountability. If for whatever reasons, Angeline Masuku was involved, she should have better and sensible issues to say than for her to add salt to a gaping wound," he said.

"It must have been clear to her that Mthwakazi peoples are all singing in unison when it comes to that issue, but she decided to please her employers at the expense of her Mthwakaziness. To Mthwakazi peoples, it is now clear who is with US (MTHWAKAZI PEOPLES) and who is not."

He said Angeline Masuku must never forget that she is not employed by Mnangagwa to serve his interests, but she is there purportedly to serve the people whom she must serve truthfully and responsibly.

"She is there for Mthwakazi people and not otherwise and must be seen to resonate with the interests of her constituency otherwise she loses legitimacy in the portfolio she thinks she holds. We want servants of the people and not masters of the people. Gone are those days and they never ever come again. The world is changing, and she too must change with it. The times of despots are over as they have been wholesomely replaced by bottom up approaches where interests of those you purport to serve reign supreme," he said.

"We still have very few issues that separate Mthwakazi peoples and gradually, unity in diversity will be achieved. Again, justice mechanisms are fast closing in on the perpetrators. (Junta Pres Mnangagwa, Perence, Chiwengwa and others)"

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