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MDC-T supporter calls for a boycott of Trevor Ncube's newspapers

by Staff reporter
21 May 2018 at 10:38hrs | Views
A Movement for Democratic Change supporter, Zandile‏ @maDube_ has called for a boycott of Trevor Ncube's newspapers.

Said Zandile on Twitter, "As the MDC supporters, we should consider a boycott of Trevor Ncube's newspapers. We can not have a business whose owner is aiding and abetting bad governance in Zimbabwe. People who are paid by the junta to derail majority rule should be exposed."

Zandile did not get the response she wanted and majority of commentators who responded to her tweet were against the idea.

Said Tafarrell, "Did you not see Chamisa being paid for transport services by Bob?? Some of these things will leave you with no options. Trevor has his views as he is allowed. Trying to make him pay for them kinda destroys claim of democracy."

Knowledge said, "Boycott alone,stop telling others what to do,Trevor is a human being with freedom of expression don't try  cage him."

Nyarai Nhau said, "You demand democracy yet just look at your behaviour all day today. Where is the tolerance. Do u even know what it means to be Democratic or you just want everyone on your side. What is this. The name calling, vulgarity, insults coming from you is something else."

Calvinmoyo said, "The way this tweeter handle person talks dnt think its a woman..Because real woman dnt talk like this..even real democracts dnt talk like this...I THINK ITS A GHOST ACCNT.."

Nelson Ruwa highlighted that the same papers of Trevor Ncube are the ones promoting Chamisa against state media onslaught.

Said Nelson Ruwa, "But the same papers of @TrevorNcube are the ones promoting Chamisa against state media onslaught. We should'nt boycott the papers. @TrevorNcube always says, "My opinions aren't those of my papers". He is a businessman & a newsman. He might be playing tricks & not even against ANC."

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